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9 Holiday Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

During the holiday season, freight shipments tend to increase and provide the opportunity to pick up extra loads and earn some extra money. Driving over the holidays can also mean more congestion on the roads as people will be on the roads more seeing family or running last minute holiday errands.


Snow, ice, and other inclement weather can occur as well, depending on where you drive. To help keep you safe, check out these holiday safety tips for truck drivers.


1. Monitor the Weather

You want to make sure you check the weather forecasts frequently while on the road. You don’t want to be surprised when the weather suddenly changes from sunny to snowy.


2. Monitor the Roads

Get a RoadWatch sensor system installed on your truck. This neat device tells you the road temperatures and outdoor temperatures, so you will know if you need to worry about black ice and icy conditions.


Onset of winter snowy truck in traffic jam on highway


3. Lock Your Truck

Whether you are in your truck or stopped grabbing a bite to eat, make sure you keep your truck locked at all times.


4. Take Breaks to Stretch Your Legs

Since you will be driving more during the holidays, stopping more often to get out of your truck, get some fresh air, and stretch your legs will help you stay awake and alert.


5. Go with the Flow

Allow extra time to get to your destinations. Slow down in heavy traffic and inclement weather. Take your time, so you arrive safely.


6. Don’t Drive More Than You Should

Pay attention to the number of hours you drive and do not exceed 11 since that is the maximum allowed per 24-hour period.


7. Video Chat with Family and Friends

Being away from home can be challenging since you can miss out on holiday festivities with family and friends. Take advantage of technology to stay in touch and be present virtually.


Truck driver wearing Santa Clause hat and driving his truck


8. Adjust Your Holidays as Needed

It is okay to adjust when you celebrate holidays to fit with when you will be at home with your family. If you have kids, you can have your spouse or partner make sure Santa still arrives on the 24th, and then video chat on the 25th if you won’t be home.


9. Reward Yourself with Semi-Truck Accessories

With all the extra hours you are putting in, you deserve all of the added comforts you can get in your truck. By searching for replacement truck seats, you can find special semi-truck seats that you can customize with the features and options you want, such as heating, cooling, massage, and more.


At Suburban Seating & Safety, we want to wish you and your family a happy, safe, and joyous holiday season. To find an auto seats replacement, RoadWatch sensors, and other items for your truck, please feel free to explore our online store or contact us by calling 844-727-7328 today!

Why Custom Sleeper Trucks Are Making a Comeback

Back in the later 1970s and early 1980s, custom sleeper trucks with extra-large extended cabs were quite trendy. The trend died out as the 90s rolled around, mainly due to the weight of these massive trucks and the challenges of weight restrictions for loads. As the 2000s hit and fuel prices soared, the custom sleeper was essentially dead.


However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, custom sleeper cabs are making a resurgence. The extra space found in custom sleepers helps truck drivers be pretty much self-sufficient. They can be customized with mini-kitchens, showers, toilets, larger semi-truck mattresses, separate sleeping and sitting areas with elite seats for trucks like recliners, and more.


Woman truck driver on the step



Custom sleepers provide an effective solution for truck drivers who miss the comforts of home and need to be on the road earning money. With no signs of COVID-19 slowing down, and the virus being around for the foreseeable future, truck drivers are considering customized extended cabs to help stay safer and reduce the risks of getting the coronavirus.


Unlike the sleeper trucks of the past, advances in truck design have helped to keep their weight in check. Some truck manufacturers are utilizing similar technologies like those found in custom RVs, where the back of the cab can be extended when stopped and retracted for driving.


Another option some manufacturers are using in their designs is to create a “studio” sleeper, where the bed is elevated. The space below, where the bed used to be, is used for a mini-kitchen, shower, bathroom, or other such customizations.


Big Rig Trucks at the Dock


Another reason for the resurgence of customer sleepers is related to the costs of being on the road. Let’s face it. There’s not a whole lot of healthy options for truck drivers when it comes to meals. Not to mention, as we saw when COVID-19 forced closures, there were even more limitations on what meals could be obtained.


With a custom mini-kitchen, truck drivers can make and prepare their own meals using fresh food they’ve purchased from a grocery store. The money they used to spend on a single meal can now cover the costs of two, three, or even four meals.


Most importantly, custom sleeper trucks can help truckers live more comfortably when on the road while reducing living expenses to increase earnings at a time when the industry is adjusting to new challenges like COVID-19.


Whether you have a custom sleeper cab or a traditional cab, you can find semi-truck mattresses and elite seats for trucks online at Suburban Seating & Safety or call us at 844-727-7328 to discuss customization options today!