Big Trucks, Big City: Seven Tips for Urban Big Rig Driving

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Big trucks spend most of their time on open interstates and major highways, but there are many truck drivers who must navigate the maze of city streets in order to reach their final destination. Unlike highways, city streets are much smaller and narrower, leaving little room for error. City streets are also much more crowded than major freeways. This means that truckers have to be on heightened guard to avoid accidents and delivery delays.


Are you city bound on your next big rig trip? If so, keep reading for seven commercial driving safety tips so that you can successfully navigate an urban area.


1. Optimize Your Visibility

Visibility is important each time you get behind the wheel of your truck, but visibility is even more critical when navigating city streets. One of the best ways to improve your visibility is to properly adjust your truck seat so that you have a full range of vision and are comfortable.


At Suburban Seating & Safety, we sell a variety of truck seats and accessories so that you can avoid the common risks that rig drivers face in the city. Top options include ergonomic seats, back-up cameras, and large truck mirrors.


2. Budget Your Time Wisely

Traveling five miles in an urban environment takes much longer than traveling five miles on the freeway. Before you enter the city, factor in the time you need to successfully navigate to your destination. Avoid rushing and if possible, pad your schedule with a few extra minutes so that you can account for any unexpected delays.


3. Plan Your Route

The backbone of truck driver safety is planning. Cities often have roads that are impassable by big trucks, and you’ll want to know this well ahead of time. Plan your route ahead of time by using a GPS and other technological routing tools so that you can get in and out of the city without incident.


4. Be Extra Cautious in the Rain

When driving a big rig, you already know the importance of driving carefully in the rain, but, in an urban environment, you’ll need to be even more cautious. Streets are more likely to have oil on them, making them even more slippery. You also have less room to stop your truck.


5. Don’t Assume Green Means Go

Outside of the city, when a light turns green, you’re typically able to quickly press the gas and get back to moving, but, when approaching an intersection in a city, you’ll want to slowly accelerate and be on the lookout. City drivers may run the light, and you’re also more likely to come across a stray pedestrian crossing the street.


6. Know Your “No” Zone

Other drivers, bikers, and pedestrians are likely to enter your no zone. Always check your mirrors and be mindful of blind spots as you make your way down busy streets.


7. Be Careful with Left Turns

Before making a left turn in a city, always enter the left lane. This minimizes how much your trailer swings right. The less you go into the other lane, the less likely it is that you’ll come into contact with a driver or even a parked car.


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Your Source for Truck Seats & Accessories

With a little extra planning and caution, truck drivers can successfully navigate their way through crowded city streets. To ensure optimal comfort and safety, be sure to use an ergonomic truck seat along with safety accessories that expand your visibility.


Suburban Seating & Safety is a trusted provider for truck seats and safety accessories. We sell seat belts, back-up cameras, road watch sensors, and large mirrors to improve your visibility and safety when driving a big rig.


To learn more about our family-owned business, call 1-844-SAS-SEAT.


Why Suburban Seating and Safety

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There’s no shortage of companies that offer trucking products, but, if you’re looking for the best of the best, Suburban Seating & Safety is the company for you. We offer a wide range of trucking products, including semi-truck seats, custom truck seats, auto replacement seats, safety products, and much more. If you’re looking for the best semi truck seats, you can count on Suburban Seating & Safety.


Keep reading to learn why you should choose us over our competitors.


Professional-Grade Comfort & Performance

Our goal is to provide each of our customers with products that offer professional-grade comfort and performance. All of the semi-truck seats and auto replacement seats that we sell are designed to ensure maximum comfort when on the road. We offer a wide range of custom truck seats, to include traditional styles, ergonomic designs, and even seats that are made with innovative temperature control technologies.


Extensive Inventory of Trucking Must-Haves

At Suburban Seats & Safety, we don’t cut corners on quality or variety. We offer a wide range of auto and truck replacement seats, to include custom seat covers for trucks and other items. Aside from seating products, you’ll also find that we offer other must-have trucking items such as:


  • Armrests
  • Safety equipment
  • Backup monitors
  • Cameras
  • Compressor kits
  • USB chargers
  • Device mounts


When we say you can count on us for all of your trucking needs, we mean it! We encourage customers to routinely check our inventory, as we’re always adding new products to improve your experience on the road.


Our Products Mean Safer Roads

While an ergonomic truck seat or a device mount may not seem like a life-changing product, the fact is that all of the items we sell make truckers more comfortable, alert, and safe when on the road. We’re proud to offer products that can be used to increase driver awareness while also decreasing the risk of traffic accidents.


With fewer distractions, such as a cell phone that’s fallen or a semi truck seat that just isn’t comfortable, truck drivers can put all of their focus on the road.


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Place Your Order Today!

From bus seats to custom truck seats, to every trucking item in between, you’re sure to find just what you need at Suburban Seating & Safety. Place your order online or call our team at 1-844-727-7328 to learn more about our products.


Sharing the Road with Semi Trucks

When sharing the road with large trucks, there are many safety factors to consider. There are over 250,000 collisions between trucks and passenger vehicles every year, many of which happen in broad daylight in good weather.1 Various safety products can reduce the risk of getting into an accident with an 18-wheeler.


semi trailer truck oversize load on highway


Suburban Seating & Safety supplies semi-truck safety equipment such as:


  • Digital Mirrors
  • Digital Back-Up Monitors
  • Rear View Cameras
  • Aerodynamic Heated Mirrors
  • “Noiseless” Back-Up Alarms


Various types of seat belts, straps, and tethers are available as well. Truck drivers must be as protected as all other drivers are. Compared to standard passenger vehicles, the hazards they face include larger blind spots, also called no-zones, which are factors in one-third of car/truck accidents.2 No zones are located in the front, back, and sides of a semi-truck; therefore, maintain a distance of at least 30 feet behind the truck and 20 feet in front of it.3


There are winter driving safety tips to consider as well. Anytime there is water or snow on the road, large trucks can splash or spray it very easily. Given their size, a lot of wet material can be thrown into the air and onto the windshield of nearby vehicles.


semi truck driving in a blizzard


Sharing the Road Safely

It’s also important for drivers to be careful when sharing the roads with large trucks. That includes knowing how to pass a semi truck. To do so safely, drive at a safe, steady speed and make sure the truck’s cab is visible in your rear-view mirror before you steer in front of it. For the best visibility, pass on the left so you can see how much space you have. Also:


  • Reduce your speed when a truck is passing you.
  • Avoid passing trucks backing up or preparing to.
  • Don’t cut to the right of a turning truck.
  • Avoid using high-beam headlights near a truck.
  • Don’t follow a truck too closely.


Fatigue is often associated with truck drivers who work long hours, but it can affect automobile drivers as well. It’s always important to rest and stay focused when you are driving.


Suburban Seating & Safety stocks common safety equipment and accessories that can protect truckers, passenger vehicle drivers/occupants, and pedestrians. Browse our inventory or contact us at 844-727-7328 today!





Backup Cameras and Alarms Improve Fleet Safety

The concept of a motor vehicle backup camera appeared in 1956, but it wouldn’t be until 1991 when one would appear in a consumer car. Today, it’s not only a standard feature but required by law. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 1111 went into effect on May 1, 2018. It covers all motor vehicles, so a semi-truck backup camera is a must-have.

Backup cameras are designed to help prevent injuries and deaths due to back-over accidents. Not only can you see what’s behind the vehicle, but also any objects or people in your blind spots. Semi-trucks have blind spots, or No Zones,2 on all four sides, extending up to 30 feet behind them. Therefore, backup cameras are among the most important types of semi-truck safety equipment.


truck and car accident


How Do Backup Cameras Work?

A wide-angle camera is mounted somewhere at the rear of the vehicle. It’s connected to the gearshift, activating when you go in reverse. The device relays information to a screen and, in some cases, the instrument panel or monitors embedded in the rearview mirror. Some backup camera systems provide guidelines to help you navigate while backing up, indicate the width of the vehicle, and tell how much room there is near the vehicle.

Installing a Backup Camera

Installing an aftermarket unit requires just a few parts—a transmitter, receiver, adapter cable, power source, connectors, and, of course, the camera and monitor. Suburban Seating & Safety sells various high-quality LCD monitors, including 5” and 7” models from Brigade Electronics. You can find the best backup camera for you, such as waterproof and heated cameras.

Noiseless backup alarms are in stock as well, so truckers receive full notification of anybody nearby. Recording systems are also available. Truck drivers can have high-quality video and data on record to further maximize safety for themselves, pedestrians, and their business. With backup cameras and alarms, and accessories to augment what they can do, fleet driver safety is at its peak.


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Find aftermarket backup cameras and more from Suburban Seating & Safety, a leading distributor for many trucking product manufacturers, via our online catalog or call us at 844-727-7328.



Tips for Bus Drivers During the Winter

Winter driving can be hazardous, especially for bus drivers. The roads can be slippery, and snow and ice can be unpredictable. As a bus driver, you need to not only drive safely but follow various other bus safety procedures and consider products designed to make driving safer. Tips for doing so include:


Equipping Your Bus for Safety

Being prepared is important, but it is also essential to have working:


  • Seat belts: All your bus seats should have functional seat belts to protect your passengers. You may not be able to remove all the hazards from the road, but you can keep people protected with products such as three-point non-retractable shoulder or lap belts.
  • Wiper motors: Windshield wipers are very important safety products. Each wiper is controlled by a windshield wiper motor, which can require replacement if the wipers aren’t working. Bad wipers can put you at risk in rainy or snowy conditions.
  • Warm seating: Heated seats improve comfort, especially if you live in a very cold climate. They can also help with pain relief, so a long trip is a lot easier on your back. Suburban Seating & Safety carries a line of bus seats, including heated models, for your convenience.


power lines weighed down by ice cause damage


Bus Driving Safety Tips

When driving in winter weather:


  • Allow yourself extra space on the roads, in case a vehicle in front of you brakes suddenly; slippery ice and snow take longer to stop on.
  • Use your ABS brakes, which improve stopping power, and avoid using cruise control on wet, icy, or snowy roads.
  • Traverse bridges and overpasses more carefully because they tend to freeze sooner than other parts of the road.
  • Drive safely, whether accelerating or coming to a stop; always plan for extra drive time to a destination during inclement weather.


Training is another important factor. It’s one of the most crucial aspects of school bus safety, where drivers often receive training that prepares them to transport children in snow, sleet, hail, ice, and fog. Regardless of how experienced you are, it’s important to clear ice/snow/frost from your windshield, headlamps, and mirrors and to periodically check your tires.


rv dealership


Last, if you require new or replacement bus seats, windshield wiper motors, or seat belts, order them from Suburban Seating & Safety or call us for assistance today.


Best Gift Ideas for a Truck Driver

It’s the holiday season. You may be wondering about the best gift ideas for truck drivers if your loved one spends time on the road. From safety to comfort, to convenience, there are quite a few truck driver essentials to consider.


womans hands hold christmas gift box


Consumer automotive cameras mounted in-vehicle are among things truck drivers need on the road. They provide a view of your surroundings and blind spots. Product choices include heated, waterproof, and flush-mount mirror view cameras, as well as a complete backup camera system with a 7-inch screen.


Device Mount

Looking away from the road when driving is dangerous. A device mount is one of the best semi-truck accessories you can find, as the screen is right in your field of view. Suburban Seating & Safety offers a dash or windshield mounted holder with a jaw mount design, 360-degree rotation, and suction cup that sticks to a hard or textured surface.


Tablet Mount

A tablet mount takes this idea even further. Have all your apps and files a touch away with a windshield- or dash-mounted tablet holder. The device secures a tablet while its multi-position arm lets you rest a tablet on top or below the dash. Even find the perfect angle, thanks to full 360-degree rotation.


Seat Cover/Seat Cushion

Suburban Seating & Safety stocks a full line of truck seat covers, seat cushions, and upholstery. Various name brands are sold in vinyl, cloth, and leather and in colors including gray, black, and brown. Search our catalog for the best truck driver seat cushion from leading brands such as National, Bostrom, Coverall, and more.


truck seating position



Replacement armrests easily address damage and wear. They are available in leather, cloth, or vinyl, and in many colors. Plus, they’re easy to install and your truck driver gift recipients will be thankful whenever they get behind the wheel.


Other Cool Truck Driver Gift Ideas

A truck driver may appreciate other gifts, such as a:


  • GPS navigation system
  • Fast food gift card
  • Compact cooler
  • Battery powered light
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Bluetooth headset


Truck seats, cushions, and accessories from Suburban Seating & Safety are perfect gift ideas for truck drivers. The many described above are in stock now. Order today or call us at 844-727-7328 for assistance.


Top 7 Accessories for Your Truck

Looking to buy truck accessories online? If you’re a professional driver, you’re probably already overwhelmed with all the options. There are enough bells and whistles out there that you could spend a fortune and still find more to fall in love with, but some accessories are undoubtedly better than others. To help you find your way, here’s a list of our top seven accessories for professional truck drivers.


Bracketron Mi-T Grip Dash Mount

Distracted driving isn’t safe driving; that’s why it’s so important to use a hands-free mount for your GPS when you’re cruising down the road. The Bracketron Mi-T Grip Dash Mount has a unique rotating head and a firm grip, letting you position it as you see fit. Attach it to your dash, your windshield, or anywhere else within arm’s reach.


Mi-T grip dash mount for GPS devices


Luxury Seat Heater Retro-Fit Kit

Any driver who spends time in the United States knows that early mornings can be frigid. There’s nothing more invigorating than slipping into an icy-cold leather seat, but why suffer from that initial shock? Our Luxury Seat Heater Retro-Fit Kit gives you the power to warm it up without replacing the entire seat. Ultra-safe heating elements, hidden hardware, and a premium peel-and-stick design make this one a great choice for winter drivers.


RAM Mounts Universal No-Drill™ Laptop Mount

The RAM Mounts Universal No-Drill Laptop Mount serves the same important goal as the Bracketron Mi-T; it lets you keep your device close by without distracting you from the road. Need to stop and enter your logs? No problem with RAM laptop mounts—just pull over, shift to the side, and your laptop is ready for use on the passenger side. It attaches to the floor, and it is compatible with bucket and bench seats.


Sym-Mat Boot Brush Door Mat for Trucks

Hey—not everything we love in life is complicated or fancy. The Sym-Mat Boot Brush isn’t, either, but it can save you an incredible amount of time. Place it on the step rail to pull off debris before you step inside, saving you hours on cleaning.


sym mat boot brush door mat for trucks


Bostrom + Serta Truck Mattress

How you sleep matters, especially when you’re on the road using a semi-truck mattress. Bostrom and Serta’s mattress partnership has created some truly incredible sleeping solutions for tractors and other trucks with sleeping areas. Pick one up for yourself and lie in the lap of luxury with cool action gel, memory foam, pressure point relief, and even weight distribution. No more sore, cramped-up mornings for you!


Bracketron Trucker Tough Tablet Mount

Working with a tablet instead of a laptop or smartphone? Use the Bracketron Trucker Tough mount to keep your tablet front and center. This heavy-duty system secures your device and features shock absorbers to reduce vibration.


Universal Smartphone Backup Battery Power Bank

Have you ever had a time when two devices died at the same time? Most trucks only have so many plugs. With the Universal Smartphone Backup Battery Power Bank, you can charge any micro USB to USB device without needing to plug into your vehicle. It’s perfect for long trips.


Just because you’re a professional driver doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the drive. Pick up a few of these items from Suburban Seating & Safety and become the talk of the trucker world, all while treating yourself to an incredible driving experience. 10-4 until we see you again, good buddy!

How to Care for Your Truck Seat Upholstery

Truck seat upholstery protects underlying seat material and helps enable it to last longer. Upholstery itself requires care, whether it’s factory installed or applied as a durable truck seat cover. At Suburban Seating & Safety, you’ll find the best place to buy truck seat covers, but do you really know how to care for them?


Here is an overview of some of the most common seat cover materials, and the best ways to care for them:



Leather is synonymous with luxury. Its fresh smell is desired by many drivers. As durable as it is, leather can be tough to care for beyond wiping it off with a clean cloth. This is effective for removing dirt, dust, and oils. On the other hand, a special leather conditioner is required for more thorough cleanings. Otherwise, the wrong cleaner can dry out the leather and cause it to crack.


leather upholstery of a car seat



Nylon car seat upholstery is durable and stain- and tear-resistant. We offer many nylon bus and truck seats in many different styles. Cleaning up spills is generally simple, and a standard vacuum can be used to clean up dirt and crumbs. The seat can also be washed with detergent and water; when you’re done, use cold water to wipe away the remaining detergent and then just let the seat dry on its own.



Non-porous vinyl is a generally waterproof material. It can be wiped clean with a damp towel, or with a cleaner formulated for vinyl surfaces. Vinyl is typically easier to clean than fabric upholstery.


grey leather upholstery


Caring for Your Seat Covers

If you have a cloth seat cover, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to care for it. Fabric is best treated with a cloth and warm water, along with some gentle soap. Be conservative with soap and water, especially with polyester that tends to stain. It is also highly porous, so you should clean up spills right away.


To find semi seats, upholstery, parts for truck seats, and more, search or browse our online catalog, or call us at 844-727-7328 for help and information.

Why Truckers Should Choose Bostrom Truck Seats

You’re a trucker—a person who spends countless hours on the road, driving through rain and snow, beautiful sunny days, and sparkling starry nights. On the road, there’s often little more than you, maybe a dog, and your CB radio as the trees, plains, and mountains breeze by.


It’s an idyllic picture, isn’t it? Unfortunately, it leaves out some of the challenges truckers face every single day—like back pain, discomfort, and improper posture. The seat you choose before you drive can mean the difference between a successful job completed and time off due to pain. In this post, we’ll tell you why we think Bostrom truck seats are the right choice for the job.


truck trailer in farm field


High-Quality Materials

Bostrom truck seats represent the very best in trucking equipment within the seating industry. Each seat is crafted using only the highest-quality, high-durability materials, ensuring that your investment really stands the test of time. When you shop with Suburban Seating & Safety, you can be sure that any product you purchase follows the same exquisite attention to detail and standards of excellence.


Custom-Fitted for Individual Fleets

At Suburban Seating & Safety, we know every fleet and company is unique. In partnership with Bostrom, we strive to offer every company with the option for custom-fitted seating. Instead of cookie-cutter solutions, you get all of the quality associated with Bostrom’s brand-name packaged into a more convenient, more suitable solution just for you.


professional truck driver driving his big vehicle


The Ultimate Seating for Professional Drivers

Bostrom seats aren’t only made with care; they’re specially designed to fit the needs of professional drivers. From the durability of the materials used on the outside of each seat to make seating available for Class 6, 7, and 8 vehicles, there’s an incredible amount of thought put into product design.


Bostrom even considers posture and comfort issues specific to individual driving styles and trucks. Order seating for Mack, Volvo, International, Kenworth, Sterling, Peterbilt, and Freightliner trucks or a long list of other makes and models.


Bostrom truck air seats provide the ultimate in cushioning and shock protection for long-haul, short-haul, and other professional driving fleets. Shop Suburban Seating & Safety and find your best Bostrom product today to see just how fun driving can really be.

5 Benefits of Investing in Truck Seat Covers

You’ll find many types of truck seat covers at Suburban Seating & Safety. Truck drivers must endure long work shifts, and seat covers help them stay more comfortable. Beyond this most obvious advantage, there are other benefits to covering semi-truck seats in the vehicles of your fleet.


steering truck inside cabin of heavy truck


Simple Installation

Most commercial truck seat covers install easily without tools or the need for professional expertise. That means no hassle and little downtime, so your trucks get back on the road quickly and are ready for business.


Easier Maintenance

Many seat covers can be quickly removed and are machine washable. No major interior detailing work is necessary if there is a spill or universal truck seat covers otherwise get soiled. Some materials are stain-resistant, further protecting the upholstery.



Aside from dirt resistance, each seat cover is highly resilient and wear resistant. From leather and tough fabrics that don’t absorb liquid to cloth that can be simply wiped off, our heavy-duty truck seat covers can handle just about anything.



Various colors, patterns, and materials are available. Our seat covers come in gray, charcoal, and black, or combinations of these, but others come in tan/gray cloth, red, and a range of other colors. Two-tone cushions are also available, so you can find the best seat covers for trucks in your fleet.


leather upholstery of a car seat


Reasonable Pricing

We offer high-end commercial semi-truck seat covers at affordable prices from Bostrom, National, ISRI, Sears, and more. Drivers can enjoy the comfort of a leather seat without the high costs. Plus, these seat covers are built to support any passenger on any type of ride.


Commercial truck seat covers are a great way to preserve the condition of your seats and vehicle interior as well. They protect against more expensive seat damage caused by stains, wear and tear, and even heat exposure. Drivers remain comfortable all day and don’t have to worry about any food or drinks spilling and damaging the seat material.


To find top-brand truck seat covers and upholstery, browse our site or contact Suburban Seating & Safety today.