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5 Benefits of Investing in Truck Seat Covers

You’ll find many types of truck seat covers at Suburban Seating & Safety. Truck drivers must endure long work shifts, and seat covers help improve their day-to-day experience on the open road. Beyond this most obvious advantage, there are other benefits to covering semi-truck seats in the vehicles of your fleet. Here, we will cover the main benefits of truck


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Four Reasons to Consider Trucking as a Second Career

Let’s face it. Trucking isn’t considered a glamorous career. Parents don’t think about encouraging their children to grow up to become truckers. The last time trucking was portrayed as glamorous was sometime in the 1970s. However, despite the rough exterior of the trucking industry, a job seeker who looks beneath the surface just might discover that trucking as a second


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Essential Hydration Tips for Truckers

Driving a semi or another big truck is a huge responsibility. Drivers need to be at their physical and mental best when sitting in a truck seat during long hauls. Staying properly hydrated can help your overall health and also ensure you stay alert on the highway.   Truck Driver Health vs. Safety on the Road The human body has


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Team Truck Driving Facts and Myths

While many truck drivers enjoy the independence and freedom of riding solo, others prefer the idea of team truck driving. This is when two drivers use the same truck and take shifts. You can effectively maximize driving time, as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) limits activity to a maximum of 11 hours after 10 consecutive hours off duty.


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Long-Distance Driving Tips to Improve Your Quality of Life on the Road

Being in a vehicle for long periods of time can lead to physical pain, reductions in mental clarity, and exhaustion. It can be even more difficult for truck drivers whose daily routine is to drive long distances for many hours on end. If you’re not careful, inactivity, an irregular schedule, and other factors can negatively impact your health. Yet these


Essential Tips for Women Truck Drivers

Truck driving can be an exciting way to enjoy your independence and see many different places. With the demand for truck drivers soaring, women truck drivers are finding many new opportunities in this field. The industry is male dominated, but many women crave the opportunity to travel, be independent, and have the flexibility that driving a truck for a living


9 Tips on How to Choose a Truck Driving School

Starting a truck driving career as a truck driver can be fun, rewarding, and exciting. If you are interested in becoming a long-haul trucker, you will need to decide how you will go about obtaining your CDL and where to go to truck driving school.     You most likely will have tons of questions about CDL training schools, CDL


Sleeping on the Road: What You Need to Know for Better Sleep

Do truckers sleep in their trucks? That’s a common question asked by aspiring truckers and people interested in trucking. If you’re just getting started as a truck driver, you’re probably wondering the same. You must get proper sleep as a truck driver—especially when on the road. Not only do you need to get enough hours of sleep, but you must


9 Essential Tips for New Truck Drivers

With the trucking industry growing, beginner truck drivers need to be prepared for their new careers as professional truck drivers. Many new drivers do not take the time to research and prepare for life on the open road. As a result, they can make common mistakes that easily can be avoided by using these great tips! Tip #1: Remain with


Solo vs. Team Truck Driving: What You Need to Know

If you’re just starting out as a trucker, you probably have many questions concerning your career. One of the most commonly asked is whether to drive solo or opt for team truck driving.   What Is Team Truck Driving? Team truck driving is not a new concept. It refers to when two truck drivers drive together in the same truck