Used Truck Seats Are No Bargain

If you’re in the market for replacement seats for your semi, a deal on used truck seats might tempt you. Don’t fall for it—used truck seats won’t last, and they may have unseen problems that may make them little better than the worn out seats you want to replace.


Truck Seat


You may not realize it, but the seats of your truck may be its most important components. You spend hours behind the wheel each week and, over months and years, the pressure that constant sitting exerts on your lower back can cause musculoskeletal disorders if your back is not properly supported.


Outdated or worn out seats won’t provide the support you need and will often cause considerable discomfort on the road, making you irritated and less aware of what’s happening on the highway.


Here are a few reasons why pre-owned isn’t the way to go when it comes to seats for your truck:


  • Shorter life – Used truck seats have already had a substantial portion of their useful life expended. You won’t get the same life out of a used seat as you will a brand new one. Also, when buying a used seat, you may not know exactly how old it is or how roughly it was used, beyond what you can observe.
  • Older design – Brand new seats incorporate the latest in ergonomic design. If you opt for an older, used seat, you may be missing out on some important innovations that could make your daily drive easier on your body.
  • Unseen problems – The used seat that you’re pricing may look mint, but an attractive exterior may hide problems such as degraded springs or cushioning that can reduce the value and utility of the seat.
  • No warranty – Many new truck seats come with a warranty. If you buy your seat used, you’ll have no protection in case it turns out to be faulty.


Used Truck Seats Are No Bargain


While you may save a few dollars now by purchasing a used seat, you’ll end up paying more in the long run. Be smart and make the investment in a new seat. Suburban Seating & Safety can help you find the right new seat, including custom truck seats. Check out their great product line today and buy a seat you can trust for years to come.


Five Things to Check Before Changing Your Truck Seat

Changing the seat in your semi can make a huge difference in your life on the road, as the right seat can help ward off discomfort and prevent musculoskeletal problems resulting from repetitive stress on the back from developing. Replacing your seat isn’t just a matter of popping out the old one and installing a new one—you need to put considerable thought into your new seat.


Here are a few things to think about when choosing a new truck seat:


  • Fabric or leather – The type of material used in your seat will be one of your key concerns. Fabric seats are more suitable for hot conditions and are sturdier. Leather seats have an aesthetic appeal that many drivers like, and they’re easier to clean.
  • Springs – You’re going to want a seat with robust springs. Seat springs act as shock absorbers for your seat, buffering you from all the bumps in the road. Drivers who spend most of their day behind the wheel want the best protection available, making heavy-duty seat air springs a must.

Changing Your Truck Seat


  • Seat belt – You’ll need to make sure that your new seat is simpatico with your seat belt. Your seat belt should be able to buckle and unbuckle easily. If it doesn’t, you may need to try a different seat.

Seat belt


  • Size – All of us are shaped differently, and a truck seat that may be just right for one driver might be too small for another. Make sure you can comfortably fit in your seat and that you don’t feel cramped. Custom truck seats may be the right solution for many drivers.
  • Height – Your truck seat needs to be the right height. Most seats have features that allow you to raise or lower the height, but some may not provide the proper elevation for individual drivers. It’s best to test a seat before buying.


The key here is testing and asking other drivers about the seats they prefer. Your fellow drivers can help point you to the right products and warn you away from poor ones.


Suburban Seating & Safety provides drivers with comfortable, quality seats and truck accessories. Find just the right seat for your vehicle today by browsing the company’s wide selection of great products.


Four Ways Pot Holes Can Damage Your Semi

Big wheels and robust suspension systems don’t make semi trucks immune to the damage potholes can do to automobiles.


Pot Holes


Potholes cost drivers more than $3 billion each year, and a substantial chunk of that is absorbed by the transportation industry, including trucking firms. Potholes can cause damage to mechanical components of big trucks and interior features like truck seating. Here are a few of the most common ways potholes can damage semis:


  • Tires – Potholes often have a hard edge that pushes the tire against the wheel when vehicles travel over them, cutting into the rubber of the tire or damaging belts that hold the tire together. Potholes can also damage tire tread. Keeping your truck’s tires correctly inflated will help them better handle traveling over potholes.
  • Seats – Excessive bumps in the road can put increased wear and tear on your truck seats and the assembly connecting them to the floor of the vehicle. Over time, bolts connecting the seat to the floorboard can loosen, causing the seat to shift, which can cause ergonomic problems and may even become a safety hazard. Drivers should replace seats that are worn out or loose with new, ergonomically designed truck seats.
  • Suspension – Your truck’s suspension is designed to absorb bumps and shocks on the road, but, over time, it will degrade. Frequent trips over bumpy terrain will accelerate this process, causing problems such as misalignment, damaged shocks and struts, and broken ball joints. Regular inspection of your truck’s suspension will help you catch and fix problems before they become extensive.
  • Mechanical issues – Frequent jolts and bumps can have an impact on your vehicle’s mechanical components, jarring loose or damaging important parts of the vehicle. Engines and other key components face potential damage from excessive shocks on the road.


Pot Holes Can Damage Your Semi


Suburban Seating & Safety provides quality truck seats, including custom truck seats, along with other truck accessories. Trucking professionals seeking to improve their comfort and safety on the road should browse the company’s selection of quality products.


Five Ways to Make Your Semi Cabin More Comfortable

Long hours spent behind the wheel will seem even longer if your truck is uncomfortable. Maintaining a comfortable truck isn’t “going soft,” it’s “going sensible,” as drivers who are comfortable will have fewer health problems and be safer, more alert drivers.


Semi Cabin More Comfortable


Making your truck more comfortable by making sure you have the right truck seats and other accessories and equipment takes an investment of time and money, but it’s worth it. Consider these tips for making your home on the road somewhere you actually enjoy being:

  • Start with the truck seat – Truck seats are the No. 1 factor in driver comfort. When you’re spending eight to ten hours or more on the road per day, a seat that doesn’t provide proper support and cushioning can cause pain and discomfort. Over time, it can even cause musculoskeletal disorders that can cut short your career.

If your seat is old or worn, replace it with a new seat. Be sure to read consumer reviews to get a seat that provides adequate lumbar support and head and neck support.


  • Change your tires – If your tires are wearing down, they’re not only exposing you to greater safety risks, they’re also impairing the quality of your ride. Tires with adequate tread that are properly inflated with air provide a smoother, less bumpy ride.
  • Clean the cabin – A messy cabin is an uncomfortable cabin. If the passenger’s seat is filled with receipts and old fast food wrappers, and the floor closely resembles the ground outside, a little cleaning might be in order.
  • Pick up some sunglasses – Having to deal with glare every day can drive you crazy. A good pair of sunglasses can protect your eyes and reduce your frustration on the road. For truckers who wear eyeglasses, sunglasses that fit comfortably over your glasses are available.
  • Install an air freshener – If your cabin is a little ripe, it can be unpleasant on a long haul. Installing an air freshener after cleaning your cabin can help.

Suburban Seating & Safety provides custom truck seats and other truck accessories for drivers who want a comfortable place behind the wheel. Contact them today to learn more about their quality products.





Truckers’ Posture Problems Lead to Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain is a huge problem for truck drivers, causing them considerable discomfort and contributing to long-term health issues. The cause of this pain may be traced back to how they’re sitting, and improvements in posture could help them avoid health issues that could cut short their career and impair their quality of life.

Truckers Posture Problems


Good posture is important to spinal health. When you slouch, you put pressure on your back. Over time, this pressure can lead to changes in your anatomy that result in significant pain and discomfort. Long periods of sitting have been found to be detrimental to back health, but sitting in a truck seat is an unavoidable part of a truck driver’s occupation.


You can improve your posture on the road by:


  • Support your thighs – Adjust your seat to make sure that it provides adequate support to the bottom of your thighs.
  • Find the right pedal position – Slide your seat so you’re not stretching to reach the pedals and so that your knees aren’t too bent.
  • Move your wallet and phone to your front pocket – Sitting on your wallet or phone for extended periods will create muscle strain and discomfort. Transfer your gear to your front pocket for greater comfort.
  • Make sure your steering wheel is at proper height – Too low, and you’ll have to slouch. Too high, and you’ll also have to position yourself at an awkward angle.
  • Adjust your seat back – Make sure that your shoulders are slightly behind your hips. A 110-degree angle is optimal.
  • Upgrading your truck seat – Replacement truck seats provide lumbar support and other features not found in older or worn seats. By upgrading to a new seat, you can ensure that you’re getting all the support you need and that you have a wide range of options for changing your sitting position.

improvements in posture


Suburban Seating & Safety helps preserve the health and careers of truck drivers by providing them with the best seating solutions, including custom truck seats. Drivers can also look through the company’s large inventory of helpful truck accessories to buy to make their work safer and more comfortable.


Five Reasons to Replace Your Truck Seat After a Crash

Motor vehicle crashes are the bane of any trucker’s existence, as dealing with insurance and repairs takes time and money out of their pockets. Truckers need to ensure their trucks are thoroughly repaired after a crash, as cutting corners on important replacements—including truck seats—will only lead to more time lost when needed repairs are finally done.


Replace Your Truck Seat After a Crash


Truck seats may not be the first thing that comes to mind when fixing your semi after a crash. The crumpled metal in the front of the vehicle likely seems a more pressing priority. However, you shouldn’t neglect to have a qualified auto repair professional check out the seat, as a crash can have impacts on its effectiveness. Here are a few telltale signs your seats need replacement.

  • Tears or rips in the fabric or leather – This one’s pretty obvious. If your crash has caused direct damage to the seat, you’ll need to replace it. Damaged seats can make drivers very uncomfortable, affecting their driving ability.
  • The seat feels loose – The shock of impact may have jarred the frame of the seat loose, necessitating either repair or replacement.
  • You have less back support – The impact of the crash may have affected the seat’s lumbar support. If so, replace the seat. Lumbar support will help you avoid developing the back problems that have plagued many truck drivers.
  • It just feels different – Crashes can affect vehicles in a lot of ways, some of which are not immediately apparent. If your truck seat feels different after a crash, chances are that the seat or its structure experienced some damage.
  • It was an old seat, anyway – It may just be time to upgrade to a new custom seat, especially if you’ve had your truck for a while. Today’s modern seats are designed with driver comfort and spinal health in mind. Use the crash as an opportunity to upgrade to a better seat that will help you endure hours on the road.

Suburban Seating & Safety


For truck drivers seeking new seats, Suburban Seating & Safety can help. Suburban Seating & Safety carries all the top after-market truck seats and accessories and can help you find just the right seat for your truck or bus.


Five Must-Haves for Every Trucker

Truck drivers have more tools than ever to keep them safe and comfortable on the road. Whether it’s lumbar-supporting, ergonomically designed custom truck seats, special mirrors, or electronic safety gear, there’s a solution for almost every need.


ergonomic seats and back up cameras


Truck drivers must exercise the utmost care for staying safe on the road. The size and momentum of their vehicles make them a danger to other motorists should they lose control of their vehicle or make a mistake while driving. Every advantage helps, and these are a few products that will help truckers stay alert and be better aware of their surroundings:


  • Replacement truck seats – Your comfort on the road is important to your safety. Uncomfortable drivers are often distracted and irritable, increasing the likelihood of an accident. Replacing worn out truck seats with new, ergonomically designed seats can help you better cope with long hauls.
  • Specialized truck mirrors – Modern truck mirrors have a greater range of motion and other design benefits that allow them to better aid truck drivers in monitoring the area beside and behind them.
  • Quality seat belts – Just like seats, seat belts can wear out over time, compromising their ability to provide restraint. If your seat belt is loose or worn, or if there is trouble with the locking mechanism, replacing your seat belt is the smart thing to do.
  • Road watch sensors – These sensors monitor road temperature to inform drivers of when dangerous driving conditions are present. This early warning can be critical to preventing accidents.
  • Back-up cameras – Back up cameras are some of the most important safety innovations of the digital age. Back-up cameras allow truckers to see exactly what’s behind them, allowing them to avoid accidents when backing up their semis.

ergonomic seats


With the latest safety gear and accessories, truckers can greatly reduce their chance of getting involved in a costly accident. Suburban Seating & Safety can help truck drivers find top-quality truck seats and truck accessories. Get the gear you need, made by name-brand manufacturers, from Suburban Seating & Safety.


Five Tips to Sit Up Straight Behind the Wheel

Slouching can kill your back, especially if you’re doing it for eight hours or more each day. One of the occupational hazards of trucking is that of back problems, and truckers who don’t take steps to protect their backs can have their careers cut short by chronic back pain.


Sit Up Straight Behind the Wheel


Truck drivers have higher incidences of chronic back pain than most other occupations. It’s easy to see why, as staying in a truck seat for hours each day puts tremendous pressure on the lower back, especially for folks who carry a few extra pounds.


Taking time to get out of the cab, regular exercise, and good posture can help prevent big truck operators from developing severe back pain that can make life unbearable. Here are a few tips to help you with your posture while on the road:


  • Get the right truck seat – Your truck seat may be the most important factor in your long-term health as a truck driver. An uncomfortable or worn out truck seat may cause you to slouch, putting pressure on all the wrong places. A new ergonomic seat will help you maintain good posture.
  • Keep your seat position high – A high seat position helps to place your pelvis in the correct position. A seat that’s too low makes you more likely to slouch. When you’re sitting, you want to have your knees bent at a 120- to 135-degree
  • Stretch at lights and stops – Stretching helps exercise the muscles of your back a little and adjusts your posture.
  • Do chin tucks – A few chin tucks at red lights will stretch your neck to keep it from becoming stiff and will help adjust your posture back into proper position if it has shifted while you were driving.
  • Get out of the truck and stretch – At regular intervals during your route, you should stop and take a moment to stretch. It will warm up muscles in your back and help your posture when you sit back down.

Truck Accessories

Suburban Seating & Safety provides consumers with the best in replacement truck seats and truck accessories. Find the right custom seat for your truck today at Suburban Seating & Safety.

Eight Tips to Prepare Your Truck for the Winter Months

Big truck operators are on the roads rain or shine, 12 months out of the year. Winter poses some challenges to truckers, however, as short hours of daylight and icy conditions can make driving treacherous. Preparation is key to arriving at your destinations safely and on time.


Prepare Your Truck for the Winter Months

To get your truck ready for the winter months, take the time to check off all the items on this list:


  • Check your lights – Short winter days means that you’ll spend more hours driving in the dark. Make sure your headlights, running lights, tail lights, and all other lights are operating properly.
  • Check your clamps and hoses – Winter temperatures can exacerbate small holes and leaks in your coolant system. Check the coolant system to see if it’s at full. If not, fill it up with appropriate coolant and have a mechanic check out the system to find leaks that you may have missed.
  • Replace worn out seats – Worn out truck seats can make you uncomfortable and distracted from the road, which can be a problem in challenging conditions like ice or snow. Replace old seats immediately.
  • Check your battery – Cold temperatures can do a whammy on weak batteries. If your battery is already marginal, one cold night can kill it. Test your battery to see whether it is properly charged and whether a new one is needed. If your battery is three years old, you may want to go ahead and replace it, regardless of its current meter reading.
  • Check your tires – In icy conditions, the grip on your tires may be all that separates you from a dangerous accident. Be sure to check your tire pressure and add air if needed. Also, check wear and tread on your tires to determine whether replacements are needed.
  • Check your oil – Make sure you’re using the right oil viscosity for winter temperatures. You can consult with the manufacturer of your engine with the proper viscosity for cold-weather temps or with a trusted mechanic.
  • Check your washer fluid – Make sure your washer fluid reservoir has enough fluid to defrost your windshield in icy conditions.
  • Check your air dryer – Make sure air dryers have been changed out before the winter to ensure the air supply system functions properly.

truck ready for winter


Suburban Seating & Safety provides top-quality truck and bus seating as well as truck accessories. Find just the right seat for your large vehicle today at Suburban Seating & Safety.


Four Tips for Restoring Semi Truck Interiors

Semi truck drivers spend a lot of time in their vehicles. Not only is it their workplace on the road, it’s also their home and office. Maintaining an attractive and comfortable interior will help truckers get the most of their investment in their vehicle and help them better cope with the stresses of a life on the road.


Semi truck drivers


Restoring the interior of your truck, or just giving it a few upgrades, can also help boost the resale value of your truck. Most semi truck owners have more than $150,000 invested in their vehicles. Maintaining the value of their truck will help them better enjoy the fruits of their investment when it’s time to pass the truck on to another driver.


For truck drivers considering restoring or remodeling their trucks, here are a few tips:


  • Start with the seats. Your truck seat is where you’ll spend the most time in your vehicle. Make sure your seat is comfortable and provides enough lumbar support. Consider adding convenient features like ventilation or moisture resistance to further enhance their value.
  • Consider the cabin. Are the cup holders large and close by enough to be convenient? Do you have enough storage bins and drawers? Are all the air conditioner vents in good working order? If your cabin isn’t to your liking, you have many options to change it. Aftermarket products can add storage space, cup holders, and a variety of other truck interior accessories to make the cabin more functional and comfortable.
  • Check out the carpet. If the carpet in your truck is old and worn or irretrievably dirty, it can make your truck a lot less pleasant place to spend many hours every week. Replacing the carpet can make your truck more inviting, increase your pride in your vehicle, and boost its resale value.
  • If your truck has a small sleeping or living area, consider the furniture in the area. Is the bed comfortable or does it keep you up nights? Are the storage spaces secure or are drawers constantly flying open when you’re on the road? Installing new bedding and storage is one way to make your truck more livable.


Restoring Semi Truck Interiors


Suburban Seating & Safety provides consumers with the best aftermarket truck seats and truck interior accessories. If you’re considering restoring or upgrading your truck interior, check out the selection of products available from Suburban Seating & Safety.