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How People Are Thanking Truckers During COVID-19

With changes in the trucking industry due to COVID-19, many truckers are finding appreciation in the form of kindness from strangers. Thanking truckers during COVID-19 has become a growing movement of using the hashtag #ThankATrucker on social media sites to send truckers messages of appreciation.


Young Girl holding homemade Thank You sign indoors


Yet, this new appreciation does not stop with kind words on social media. Many people of all ages are providing gifts for truckers for their dedication during these challenging times. Some of the more popular ways people are doing this include:


  • Delivering food to truck drivers. People are going to restaurants and getting food through the drive-thru and delivering it to truck stops since semi-trucks won’t fit through drive-thrus and most truck stop restaurants are closed.
  • Giving truckers gift cards for gas, groceries, truck accessories, restaurants, and more. Some people are sending virtual gift cards or handing them out at truck stops.
  • Supplying bottled water, coffee, soft drinks, and snacks. Another way to show thanks is by providing giving truckers beverages and snacks they can enjoy while on the road.
  • Giving “care packages” with essential items. People have put together care packages with face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and other essential items and passed these out at truck stops.

People aren’t the only ones who are participating in #ThankATrucker. Many businesses are offering free food and free meals for truckers. Truck stops are offering free showers and free use of washing machines and dryers.


Many toll road booth workers are also helping out by passing out snack packs when truckers stop to pay tolls. Some communities have held special events where they offer free meals and care packages and have hung up signs or put up billboards that show their support and thank truck drivers too.


truck driver in front of transportation vehicle holding thumbs up


Additionally, trucking companies are showing support for their drivers with special incentives like bonus pay, upgraded truck seats, new truck mattresses, and more. Here at Suburban Seating & Safety, we want to thank all truck drivers for their dedication and commitment during these changing times.


If you are looking for gifts for truckers, we offer a wide range of truck accessories and also sell gift certificates. We can also help truckers and trucking companies with their replacement truck seat needs. Please feel free to browse online and call Suburban Seating & Safety at 844-727-7328 today!


Truck Industry Trends: How COVID-19 Is Affecting Semi-Truck Drivers

While many businesses were forced to shut down amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the trucking industry did not. However, that is not to say the trucking industry has not had to adjust to changes too. While deliveries for groceries, medical supplies, and other essential items continue or even rose, other supply chains for manufacturing and non-essential items declined.


Semi-truck drivers have also faced changes and adjust to spending more time in their trucks. With restaurants only offering take-out or delivery services, getting food to-go has been more challenging as many places don’t allow truckers to walk through their drive-thrus. However, many restaurants on trucking routes are making to help out.


Truck driver with protective mask during coronavirus


Another challenge for truckers is finding rest areas that are open where they can use the bathroom and washup. While many rest stops are open so truckers can stop and sleep, the restrooms are not. So, truckers have had to buy camping/portable toilets to be able to use the bathroom while on the road.


Truck stops have also changed how they do business, only allowing a few truckers inside to shop, buy food, take showers, do laundry, etc. In some cases, it could take hours before the trucker is allowed inside depending on how many people are waiting to get inside.


In addition to these changes, many truckers have had to get used to wearing personal protection equipment (PPE) in the form of face masks and gloves when making deliveries. To ensure their safety, truckers also are stocking up on hand sanitizer since they do not always have access to soap and water to wash their hands.


Some trucking operations even changed to contactless delivery. These deliveries are where either the trucker unloads the truck onto the dock, then once safely back in his or her cab, informs the business so they can bring the delivery inside. Alternatively, the business unloads the truck while the trucker remains in the cab.


ruck driver wearing safety face mask next to big rig


With truckers spending more time in their trucks, the sale of replacement truck seats has increased. Truckers are upgrading to better seats that offer more lumbar support, heat and cooling functions, and other features to make sitting for longer more comfortable.


COVID-19 has certainly changed trucking industry trends. Yet, semi-truck drivers have been quick to adapt and do their part to ensure people have access to food, medical supplies, and other essential items.


Here at Suburban Seating & Safety, we want to thank each and every truck driver for their dedication and commitment during these changing times.


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