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Long-Distance Driving Tips to Improve Your Quality of Life on the Road

Being in a vehicle for long periods of time can lead to physical pain, reductions in mental clarity, and exhaustion. It can be even more difficult for truck drivers whose daily routine is to drive long distances for many hours on end. If you’re not careful, inactivity, an irregular schedule, and other factors can negatively impact your health. Yet these healthy long-distance driving tips can help you stay alert and safe while on the open road.


Truck driver reading addresses sitting in truck


Maintain Hydration

Sitting behind the wheel all day demands more from your body than you think. Truck drivers should consume more water per day than most people, but not all at once. Sipping water over time keeps your body hydrated and reduces the number of bathroom stops. You’ll feel less inclined to drink high-sugar, high-calorie beverages too.


No Soda

While large soda containers fit easily into cup holders, they’re usually loaded with caffeine and sugar. These can leave you feeling fatigued and be harmful for your long-term health. It’s best to stock up on water or have a cup of unsweetened coffee.


Snack Wisely

You can help your metabolism, heart, bones, and teeth by eating properly. Healthy snacks include carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, apples, grapes, bananas, almonds, pears, and oranges. Eating high-fiber foods every couple of hours keeps you alert and avoids overheating at fast food establishments.


Plan Your Route

Planning your day not only ensures you get to your destination. It also helps set up rest stops to get out and stretch every couple of hours. Even if you work an 11-hour day, proper planning can lead to a more relaxed schedule and a healthier diet, exercise, and sleep routine.



While you don’t need rigorous exercise to get through the day, it is wise to stop, get out, and stretch. Your back can get stiff after hours in the same position. Stretching your back and shoulders can loosen your muscles and prevent pain. Leg stretches also help alleviate and avoid cramps.


Here are some exercises to try that can improve your day:


  • Stretch your back by standing straight. Then circle your shoulders backward about five times, extend your arms overhead, and arch them back a little. Lower your arms after a few seconds and repeat one or two more times.
  • To relieve leg cramps, stand in a lunge position with your left knee in front and right leg behind with the heel touching the ground. Put your hands on your hips and hold the position to stretch your legs and gluteal muscles.
  • Relieve shoulder tension with your chin parallel to the ground and your head drawn back; repeat a few times. This stretches your upper spine and shoulders.
  • Clots can form in your legs when sitting for more than four hours whether you’re a truck driver or car passenger. To avoid this situation, flex your feet using ankle rolls or alternative flexing and pointing of feet.


Improve Your Posture

Poor posture can lead to pain and discomfort, disrupt blood flow, and leave you feeling tired. Sit up straight and adjust your seat properly. If you start to feel tension coming on, stretch a little or shift your position. When a break is in order, be sure to listen to your body so you’re ready for the next run.


Get Enough Sleep

An irregular, unpredictable schedule can make it difficult to sleep well, but you should always try to get eight solid hours of sleep every day. Whether you need earplugs, a white noise machine, or a night mask, do what it takes. Don’t indulge in your smartphone before bed; the light can fool your brain about the time of day and disrupt your sleep pattern.


Get Plenty of Rest

Your quality of rest is critical. Suburban Seating & Safety carries InnerSpace and Bostrom and Serta truck mattresses in different sizes. Each item is easy to install, is insulating, and helps regulate temperature. Our product line also provides the support to help your body rest and recover.


Upgrade Safety Equipment

Make sure you have the latest safety equipment and that it’s in working condition. When necessary, you can find lap belts, tether straps, full seat belts, brackets, backup cameras and monitors, digital mirrors, and heated side mirrors. Digital wireless transmitters, noiseless back-up alarms, pedestrian spotlights, and road temperature monitors maximize safety as well.


Accessorize Your Cab

While they may sound optional, truck accessories can make your life easier and safer. These include universal bungee cords to secure items, mobile device holders, slide rails, and USB chargers. Other options include seat swivels, dash mounts, repair tape, document holders, and laptop mounts.


Update Your Seat

A quality seat has a major impact on your wellness. The wrong seat, a worn-out seat, or the wrong-positioned seat can leave you with strains and sprains that impact your quality of life. Look for features such as suspension and isolation, firm cushions, fore/aft adjustment, high lumbar support, arm rests, air compression, and other ergonomic elements.


red and white truck on road during daytime


Shop at Suburban Seating & Safety

We hope our long distance driving tips help you. The leader in truck seating, we’re the largest authorized distributor for several aftermarket truck seating manufacturers, including National Seating, Bostrom Seating, and ISRI Seating.


Serving owner-operators, nationwide fleets, and government agencies, we also supply products that can improve the quality of life for truckers on the road. We have truck mattresses, accessories, and safety equipment in stock, and we can assist you at our Lodi, NJ showroom or when you call us at 844-727-7328. Reach out today for help or information.


8 Truck Driver Trip-Planning Tips

Suburban Seating & Safety is a premier source for comfortable truck seats. While comfortable seating is essential for truckers, planning your trip is important as well. The following tips for your truck driver checklist should be considered before going out on the road.


  1. Consider All Aspects of the Trip

Drivers who don’t know how to plan a truck route need to consider the time spent fueling, eating, taking bathroom breaks, and sitting in traffic. Weather conditions play a role here as well.


  1. Set a Daily Goal for Stops

Realistic goals, especially for long-haul truckers, should include every variable. Set a goal for destination stops that accounts for delays, such as border crossings or slowdowns on mountain roads.


  1. Plan an Earlier Stop

This is particularly important for trips along the eastern seaboard, where there aren’t enough truck stops and rest areas for all trucks. Arrive too late, and you may have nowhere to park and sleep. About 6:00 p.m. is a good time to aim for.


  1. Track the Weather Reports

The weather can vary drastically from one location to somewhere just a few hours away, especially during winter or severe weather season. Listen to the weather reports; you don’t want to be stranded in Chicago or the Rocky Mountains.


  1. Use Navigation

Today’s GPS devices let you plan your trip, view your location, and learn about traffic and weather conditions in real-time. Suburban Seating & Safety has some of the best truck GPS mounts to make sure you see the road and remain informed.


  1. Take Essential Supplies for Remote Travel

You never want to be stranded without food, extra clothing, and emergency supplies such as bandages and flares. If your truck breaks down in a remote area, it can be a while before help arrives.


  1. Allow for More Time

Always allow for more time, even if it means arriving early. Don’t speed or risk violating traffic laws or running out of fuel, as these will only cause more difficulties and delays.


  1. Maximize Your Comfort by Ordering from Suburban Seating & Safety

Truck driver sitting in cabin giving thumbs-up


At Suburban Seating & Safety, we offer different types of truck seats to suit the needs of your fleet, with comfortable cushions, adjustability, and advanced suspensions. We also offer the best truck interior accessories, such as a road-watch sensor that measures surface temperatures. Feel free to browse our catalog, order online, or call 844-727-7328.


What Are the Most Common Injuries for Truck Drivers?

Sitting for long hours each day driving a semi-truck can result in unexpected injuries. The most common injuries for truck drivers are back-related injuries. Sitting for long periods can result in poor posture that places added strain on the back and includes injuries such as:


  • Muscle Spasms
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder/Upper Back Pain
  • Muscle Strains
  • Pinched Nerves

Truck driver sitting in his truck cabin feeling worried and upset


Aside from back injuries, other types of common injuries truckers face include:


  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Joint Pain
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Bruises
  • Cuts/Scrapes
  • Bone Fractures
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls

These injuries can occur from repetitive motions, as well as not being careful when entering or exiting the cab or climbing in and out of the trailer.


What Are the Most Common Illnesses and Health-Related Concerns for Truckers?

Truck drivers also must face illnesses and health-related concerns on the open road. There are no “sick days” if there are deliveries that have to be made at specific times. Common illnesses and health-related concerns include:


  • Stress: Truckers must deal with stressful situations, including aggressive motorists.
  • Obesity: Many truckers are overweight due to poor diet choices and lack of exercise.
  • Insomnia: It can be hard sleeping in the truck cab, especially when parked near other trucks and truck drivers.
  • Depression: Being on the road away from family and friends can cause truckers to feel depressed.
  • Cold/Flu: Truck drivers can have lowered immune systems from other health issues that can make them more susceptible to colds and flu.

Truck Driver Injury Prevention and Reducing Risks of Illnesses/Health Concerns

One of the best investments is in high-quality truck seats with lumbar support. Truckers should wear back braces for added support when lifting and moving objects. They should also take extra precautions when climbing in and out of the cab or trailer.


Professional driver sitting in cab of modern truck


To reduce the risks of illnesses and health concerns:


  • Try to include fresh fruits and vegetables in their diets.
  • To sleep soundly, invest in earplugs and a face mask.
  • Take a daily multivitamin to help boost the immune system.
  • Take time out each day to destress by doing something enjoyable.
  • Utilize technology to stay in contact with family and friends.

To find high-quality and custom truck seats, safety products, and other accessories to make life on the road easier, please feel free to browse our online store or contact Suburban Seating & Safety at 844-727-7328 today!

How Truck Replacement Seats Make Every Mile Better

The seat of your truck is more than a chair and, with the long hours you spend driving, your comfort promotes safety. There’s nothing worse than dealing with back or neck pain with hundreds of miles still left before you reach your destination. A low-quality truck seat can also lead to increased sweat and fatigue from driving in the heat. This can directly affect your ability to make the miles needed to deliver a load on time. With climate control seats featuring air conditioning, you can drive longer and feel better this summer.


climate control truck seats


Here’s why OTR drivers should look into custom truck seats with climate control.

The Benefits of Air Conditioned Truck Seats

  • Saving Fuel While Staying Cool. Air-conditioned truck seats direct their cooling power where you need it most, such as your neck, back, and other areas that are prone to sweating. With an air-conditioned truck seat, you can be surrounded in cool air and lessen the need for refrigerating the whole cab. This means less money spent on fuel, which means less time at the pump and more time on the open road.
  • Improving Safety by Eliminating Distractions. Trickles of sweat are distracting, as is back pain. From adjusting the cab air-condition to stretching your back to minimize the pain, driving distracted while behind the wheel of a large truck is dangerous. To eliminate distractions, a custom truck seat is a must. High-quality custom truck seats provide excellent lumbar support, reducing the aches that come with a long haul. Experiencing less pain and discomfort means more attention to focused driving. There are also air-conditioned seats to keep you cool in the summer and heated seats to keep you cozy during the colder months. With these seats, your eyes and hands can remain focused on driving instead of on the knobs to adjust the cab’s temperature.
  • Driving Longer in Complete Comfort. Some hot summer days on the road make the hard work of operating a heavy truck more exhausting by a bouncy, sticky, hot truck seat. Suburban Seating & Safety replacement seats have the latest in high-tech cooling fabric and internal climate control options available to keep you in your seat longer.


hot summer road


Keeping Cool in the Cab


The best climate control seats start with luxury automotive seat detailing, ergonomic design, and a solid professional grade construction to stand up to long days behind the wheel. Because you spend hours in truck seats throughout the day, it’s important to purchase one that is made with durable material that’s strong and also easy to clean. Adding direct heating and cooling capabilities will be the final touch to guarantee that you can be your best behind the wheel for as long as possible. The more comfortable you are, the safer of a driver you are. Aches, pains, and uncomfortable temperatures can leave you irritated and distracted. With a quality climate control seat, you can easily adjust your support and temperature, ensuring the perfect drive each time.


You don’t have to spend another summer in that old bouncy seat, still hot even with the air conditioner going full blast. You also don’t have to go another winter sitting on an ice cold seat and having to blast the heat, causing you to sweat and be uncomfortable. Instead, you can outfit your truck with a new seat that is supportive, comfortable, and entirely controllable. Modern climate controlled seats are taking the auto industry by storm as a luxury option, but they should be standard equipment for professional drivers.


Choose Suburban Seating & Safety for Your Custom Truck Seats


If you are looking for replacement seats for trucks, look no further than Suburban Seating & Safety. As an industry leader in professional truck and automobile replacement seats, we have a wide selection sure to contain the perfect choice for your rig.


From air-conditioned seats to heated seats, you can count on us to have the best semi-truck seat that will make your drive time as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Call our team today at 1-844-727-7328 to get started on your order.



Hot Highway Habits: Professional Truck Drivers Tips for Summer

As a professional driver, you know that safety concerns vary by season. With the right seats for trucks, safety products, and truck interior accessories, you can take the heat out of summer driving and avoid the potholes along the way.

Hot Highway

Top Tips for Summer Hauling

  • Check Your Rig

The inspection walk-around is even more important in the summer. Tires lose pressure more easily and are softer from the heat. Cooling systems are under greater pressure. Do a check at every stop and keep doors locked to prevent curious children from getting trapped inside or hitching a ride.

  • Sit Comfortably

The right truck seat and safety belt harness will work together to keep you comfortable on a long hot drive. Your belt should fit down over your hips with the shoulder belt on your shoulder, not across your neck. Consider replacing the safety harness if it can’t be adjusted to fit properly.

  • Keep Your Cool

It’s no secret that the heat causes irritability. Keeping your own head cool and professional will help you deal with the aggressive driving and short tempers around you. Keeping your seat cool can make a real difference – consider replacing a hot vinyl seat with a professional model with cooling technology, like the ComforTEK ventilation system in the National Admiral CT truck seat.

  • Keep Your Eye on the Little Guys

Summer brings motorcycles, bicycles, RVs, and pedestrians. Be aware when changing lanes and backing up of the increased odds of a pedestrian or vehicle being in the way. Do what you can to help them anticipate your moves with signals and sound alerts.

long cycle highway runs

  • Don’t Overwork Your A/C

Hot temps in the truck cab can make your job miserable in the summer, but the air conditioner uses so much fuel and adds to the stress on the cooling systems. Again, one of the best ways to beat the heat is to replace your worn-out seat with one with proper ventilation from Suburban Seats.

With advanced features all the way around, the National Admiral CT is incredibly comfortable, and we’ve added the ComforTEK ventilation system to keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. When driving is your profession, your seat should be professional grade. Check out the options today!

Five Ways Drivers Can Reduce Stress on the Road

Truck driving is a more stressful occupation than many would imagine. Truckers work long hours and are responsible for safely transporting expensive cargo on tight deadlines. The job is physically and mentally demanding, as hours in a truck seat can have a detrimental effect on musculoskeletal health, and safely negotiating the highways takes a high level of concentration and situational awareness.

Reduce Stress on the Road

Over time, the stress of the job can take a toll on truckers’ mental and physical health. Transportation professionals can reduce stress by following these tips:

  • Practice breathing exercises on the road – The great thing about deep breathing is that it’s something you can do while you drive without diverting your attention on the road. During your route, periodically take a few minutes to take some deep breaths. You’ll find that it helps you relax and takes some of the stress out of your day.
  • Get some exercise – Engage in some exercise while you’re at truck stops or hotels. A good 15-minute walk can help you relieve stress and stay fit. Light weights and other small exercise tools you can keep in your truck can also help you stay fit.
  • Use your vacation time – If your company offers vacation time, or if there’s a slow period in your own business, make the most of it to tend to your physical and mental health. Taking a few days off can help you avoid getting burned out. If you travel somewhere for a brief location, let someone else do the driving.
  • Stay connected – Life on the road can get lonely. Modern technology can help. Use social media and applications like Skype to stay connected to family and friends.

stay comfortable on road

  • Stay comfortable – Nothing can make your life as a trucker more stressful than an uncomfortable or worn-out truck seat. Invest in new custom truck seats that fit your body and which come equipped with features such as ventilation and heating that’ll make those long hours on the road go by faster.

Suburban Seating & Safety provides truck seats and truck accessories to make transportation industry professionals’ lives easier. Shop today to find the best deals on new seats and other gear.

Six Must-Have Features & Accessories for Winter Driving

One of the major hardships you’ll endure in your trucking career is a lot of driving in winter weather. Early mornings braving the cold and hours on the road negotiating low visibility and icy roads can be wearying to drivers. Luckily, there are some excellent features and accessories that can help semi truck drivers cope with the winter months.


Accessories for Winter Driving


  • Ice scraper – Don’t hit the road without one of these convenient devices for removing ice from your windows and windshield. Ice scrapers come in handy on those cold mornings when your windshield is entirely covered in ice and you simply don’t have time for the defroster to work.
  • Heavy winter wear – If you’re going to be loading or unloading your truck during the coldest parts of the day or night, you need quality winter clothes to protect you from extreme low temperatures. Also, if you end up having mechanical problems on the road, you don’t want to be caught without sturdy gloves and a thick winter coat while you work on blown tires or frozen airlines.
  • Remote access/start – If your truck doesn’t already have this convenient feature, you’ll want to check into installing it. Remote entry and access are very helpful on cold winter mornings.
  • Repair gear – Make sure you have adequate fuses, light bulbs, tools, additives that can liquefy gelled fuel, de-icing fluid, and other important maintenance equipment.
  • Heated seatsHeated seats are like iPhones. Before you have them, you don’t understand what all the fuss is about. After you get them, you wonder how you ever survived without them. Heated truck seats will help take some of the discomfort out of driving during the early morning hours during the winter season.
  • Heated steering wheel – If you think heated seats are a miracle, wait until you try a heated steering wheel. Enjoy being able to grip your steering wheel on even the coldest of mornings without discomfort or having to wear gloves.


Features & Accessories for Winter Driving


Suburban Seating & Safety provides custom truck seats and other truck seats and accessories for truck drivers seeking to make their workspace as comfortable as possible. Shop today to find top-quality accessories from respected manufacturers.


Used Truck Seats Are No Bargain

If you’re in the market for replacement seats for your semi, a deal on used truck seats might tempt you. Don’t fall for it—used truck seats won’t last, and they may have unseen problems that may make them little better than the worn out seats you want to replace.


Truck Seat


You may not realize it, but the seats of your truck may be its most important components. You spend hours behind the wheel each week and, over months and years, the pressure that constant sitting exerts on your lower back can cause musculoskeletal disorders if your back is not properly supported.


Outdated or worn out seats won’t provide the support you need and will often cause considerable discomfort on the road, making you irritated and less aware of what’s happening on the highway.


Here are a few reasons why pre-owned isn’t the way to go when it comes to seats for your truck:


  • Shorter life – Used truck seats have already had a substantial portion of their useful life expended. You won’t get the same life out of a used seat as you will a brand new one. Also, when buying a used seat, you may not know exactly how old it is or how roughly it was used, beyond what you can observe.
  • Older design – Brand new seats incorporate the latest in ergonomic design. If you opt for an older, used seat, you may be missing out on some important innovations that could make your daily drive easier on your body.
  • Unseen problems – The used seat that you’re pricing may look mint, but an attractive exterior may hide problems such as degraded springs or cushioning that can reduce the value and utility of the seat.
  • No warranty – Many new truck seats come with a warranty. If you buy your seat used, you’ll have no protection in case it turns out to be faulty.


Used Truck Seats Are No Bargain


While you may save a few dollars now by purchasing a used seat, you’ll end up paying more in the long run. Be smart and make the investment in a new seat. Suburban Seating & Safety can help you find the right new seat, including custom truck seats. Check out their great product line today and buy a seat you can trust for years to come.


Five Things to Check Before Changing Your Truck Seat

Changing the seat in your semi can make a huge difference in your life on the road, as the right seat can help ward off discomfort and prevent musculoskeletal problems resulting from repetitive stress on the back from developing. Replacing your seat isn’t just a matter of popping out the old one and installing a new one—you need to put considerable thought into your new seat.


Here are a few things to think about when choosing a new truck seat:


  • Fabric or leather – The type of material used in your seat will be one of your key concerns. Fabric seats are more suitable for hot conditions and are sturdier. Leather seats have an aesthetic appeal that many drivers like, and they’re easier to clean.
  • Springs – You’re going to want a seat with robust springs. Seat springs act as shock absorbers for your seat, buffering you from all the bumps in the road. Drivers who spend most of their day behind the wheel want the best protection available, making heavy-duty seat air springs a must.

Changing Your Truck Seat


  • Seat belt – You’ll need to make sure that your new seat is simpatico with your seat belt. Your seat belt should be able to buckle and unbuckle easily. If it doesn’t, you may need to try a different seat.

Seat belt


  • Size – All of us are shaped differently, and a truck seat that may be just right for one driver might be too small for another. Make sure you can comfortably fit in your seat and that you don’t feel cramped. Custom truck seats may be the right solution for many drivers.
  • Height – Your truck seat needs to be the right height. Most seats have features that allow you to raise or lower the height, but some may not provide the proper elevation for individual drivers. It’s best to test a seat before buying.


The key here is testing and asking other drivers about the seats they prefer. Your fellow drivers can help point you to the right products and warn you away from poor ones.


Suburban Seating & Safety provides drivers with comfortable, quality seats and truck accessories. Find just the right seat for your vehicle today by browsing the company’s wide selection of great products.


Four Ways Pot Holes Can Damage Your Semi

Big wheels and robust suspension systems don’t make semi trucks immune to the damage potholes can do to automobiles.


Pot Holes


Potholes cost drivers more than $3 billion each year, and a substantial chunk of that is absorbed by the transportation industry, including trucking firms. Potholes can cause damage to mechanical components of big trucks and interior features like truck seating. Here are a few of the most common ways potholes can damage semis:


  • Tires – Potholes often have a hard edge that pushes the tire against the wheel when vehicles travel over them, cutting into the rubber of the tire or damaging belts that hold the tire together. Potholes can also damage tire tread. Keeping your truck’s tires correctly inflated will help them better handle traveling over potholes.
  • Seats – Excessive bumps in the road can put increased wear and tear on your truck seats and the assembly connecting them to the floor of the vehicle. Over time, bolts connecting the seat to the floorboard can loosen, causing the seat to shift, which can cause ergonomic problems and may even become a safety hazard. Drivers should replace seats that are worn out or loose with new, ergonomically designed truck seats.
  • Suspension – Your truck’s suspension is designed to absorb bumps and shocks on the road, but, over time, it will degrade. Frequent trips over bumpy terrain will accelerate this process, causing problems such as misalignment, damaged shocks and struts, and broken ball joints. Regular inspection of your truck’s suspension will help you catch and fix problems before they become extensive.
  • Mechanical issues – Frequent jolts and bumps can have an impact on your vehicle’s mechanical components, jarring loose or damaging important parts of the vehicle. Engines and other key components face potential damage from excessive shocks on the road.


Pot Holes Can Damage Your Semi


Suburban Seating & Safety provides quality truck seats, including custom truck seats, along with other truck accessories. Trucking professionals seeking to improve their comfort and safety on the road should browse the company’s selection of quality products.