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Four Reasons to Consider Trucking as a Second Career

Let’s face it. Trucking isn’t considered a glamorous career. Parents don’t think about encouraging their children to grow up to become truckers. The last time trucking was portrayed as glamorous was sometime in the 1970s. However, despite the rough exterior of the trucking industry, a job seeker who looks beneath the surface just might discover … Read More...

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Long-Distance Driving Tips to Improve Your Quality of Life on the Road

Being in a vehicle for long periods of time can lead to physical pain, reductions in mental clarity, and exhaustion. It can be even more difficult for truck drivers whose daily routine is to drive long distances for many hours on end. If you’re not careful, inactivity, an irregular schedule, and other factors can negatively … Read More...

8 Truck Driver Trip-Planning Tips

Suburban Seating & Safety is a premier source for comfortable truck seats. While comfortable seating is essential for truckers, planning your trip is important as well. The following tips for your truck driver checklist should be considered before going out on the road.


  1. Consider All Aspects of the Trip

Drivers who don’t know …

What Are the Most Common Injuries for Truck Drivers?

Sitting for long hours each day driving a semi-truck can result in unexpected injuries. The most common injuries for truck drivers are back-related injuries. Sitting for long periods can result in poor posture that places added strain on the back and includes injuries such as:


  • Muscle Spasms
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder/Upper Back

How Truck Replacement Seats Make Every Mile Better

The seat of your truck is more than a chair and, with the long hours you spend driving, your comfort promotes safety. There’s nothing worse than dealing with back or neck pain with hundreds of miles still left before you reach your destination. A low-quality truck seat can also lead to increased sweat and fatigue … Read More...

Hot Highway Habits: Professional Truck Drivers Tips for Summer

As a professional driver, you know that safety concerns vary by season. With the right seats for trucks, safety products, and truck interior accessories, you can take the heat out of summer driving and avoid the potholes along the way.

Hot Highway

Top Tips for Summer Hauling

  • Check Your Rig

The inspection walk-around is even …

Five Ways Drivers Can Reduce Stress on the Road

Truck driving is a more stressful occupation than many would imagine. Truckers work long hours and are responsible for safely transporting expensive cargo on tight deadlines. The job is physically and mentally demanding, as hours in a truck seat can have a detrimental effect on musculoskeletal health, and safely negotiating the highways takes a high … Read More...

Six Must-Have Features & Accessories for Winter Driving

One of the major hardships you’ll endure in your trucking career is a lot of driving in winter weather. Early mornings braving the cold and hours on the road negotiating low visibility and icy roads can be wearying to drivers. Luckily, there are some excellent features and accessories that can help semi truck drivers cope … Read More...

Five Things to Check Before Changing Your Truck Seat

Changing the seat in your semi can make a huge difference in your life on the road, as the right seat can help ward off discomfort and prevent musculoskeletal problems resulting from repetitive stress on the back from developing. Replacing your seat isn’t just a matter of popping out the old one and installing a … Read More...