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The Best Freightliner Truck Seats

Aftermarket semi-truck seats are among the most important considerations to ensure the needs of your fleet drivers. Whether searching for bus, construction vehicle, or commercial truck seats or freightliner truck seats, the goal should be to find high-quality, safe products. At Suburban Seating & Safety, you will find freightliner semi-truck seats designed for ergonomic comfort that can relieve pain, and which have a range of technologies to improve the driving experience.


semi truck going up hill on interstate highway


The truck replacement seats we offer include a Bostrom wide ride seat. One example is the Bostrom Wide Ride+Serta® High Back Truck Seat, available in leather or cloth in black, gray, and in multiple color combinations. The seat provides several comfort and technological features that make it stand out:


  • A 23-inch-wide seating surface.
  • Serta® Cool Action™ Gel, which provides support and cooling.
  • Seat heater or heat/ventilation option (only with leather seats).
  • BackCycler® system that inflates/deflates to prevent lumbar pain and stiffness.
  • Isolating scissor suspension with a vibration damper.
  • Optional front and rear cushion tilt and 16-inch long armrests.


In addition, we offer custom truck seats such as the Sierra Torsion 380. It has a mechanical suspension system, with a torsion bar allowing up to four inches of travel, and an ergonomic seat. The seat is flexible, also featuring an adjustable height of three inches, fore/aft adjustment of five inches, and operator weight adjustments from 110 to 275 pounds. An adjustable lumbar support and options such as a fixed or reclining back and padded armrests don’t hurt either.


truck interior and seating position


Why Our Truck Replacement Seats Are the Best

Suburban Seating & Safety offers the best semi-truck seats in regards to quality, comfort, and safety. We also provide the service parts you need direct from product manufacturers. Drivers no longer need to be distracted by back pain or seats that trap body heat and make them feel uncomfortable.


We stock the most ergonomic truck and auto replacement seats on the market, which can help prevent injury, reduce downtime, and make sure fleet drivers are protected during long hauls. Place an order online or call 844-727-7328 to learn more.


Five Tips for New Truck Drivers

Adapting to a life on the road can be exciting and, at the same time, have its own set of new challenges. When you are first starting out, it is best to take the time to become familiar with your rig, its features, and how it operates before pulling out of the truck yard. If you are unfamiliar with the controls in the truck, as they might be different from the truck you drove during training, review the owner’s manual and ask questions.


Tips for New Truck Drivers


Once you are out on the road, keep in mind your objective should be to drive safely and arrive on time at your destinations by following these five tips:


  1. Drive at a comfortable speed. It is acceptable to drive five or ten miles per hour slower than the posted speed limit and remain in the right-hand lane if you are not entirely used to driving at the posted limit.
  2. Try to avoid heavy traffic. It is best to schedule your driving time so you do not have to drive through major cities during rush hour periods.
  3. Stop early to get the best parking. Finding truck parking later in the evening can be frustrating and involve wasting time you could be resting, while you go from truck stop to truck stop and get on and off exit after exit.
  4. Try to arrive early to deliver/pickup loads. Sometimes it is possible to get unloaded or loaded earlier than scheduled, giving you the opportunity to take on another load sooner, or potentially arrive sooner at the next delivery. This can translate to more money and better runs.
  5. It does not hurt to get to know other truck drivers. Veteran drivers are full of useful tips and suggestions to make life on the road easier.


Replacement Truck Seats


If your carrier allows you to customize your rig, remember to check out the wide selections of replacement truck seats, accessories, and other products from Suburban Seating & Safety to make life on the road more comfortable. Contact us at (844) SAS.SEAT (844-727-7328) for assistance in selecting the right products for your truck.


Tips for Selecting the Right Truck Seat Cushions

Let’s face it. As a truck driver, you spend the majority of your working day sitting behind the wheel of your rig in the driver’s seat. Having the right truck seat cushions is essential to prevent your back, neck, shoulders, and bottom from getting sore and stiff. It is uncomfortable to sit for long hours on a hard, unforgiving seat. Plus, it is not good for your body, and skeletal and nervous systems.


Seats for Trucks


A new replacement set or cushion for your existing seat can be exactly what you need to remain comfortable. There are several things you need to consider to ensure you are getting the best seat, as follows:


  • Budget – You need to decide how much you want to invest in a new seat or cushion. Sometimes paying a little more for a higher quality seat or cushion will pay off in the long run, as it means fewer backaches and less discomfort.
  • Options/Features – Seats and cushions can include a wide array of options and features, including lumbar support, shoulder support, and neck support. Some models could also provide heat and massaging options.
  • Cleaning and Care – If you are concerned about accidental spills, sweating, and fading, select a seat that is stain and water resistant. With cushions, look for ones you can toss into a washer to get clean. Another option is to get a protective seat cover to put over the seat and cushion.
  • Truck Make/Model/Year – To select a correctly fitting seat or cushion, you need to know the make, model, and year of your truck.
  • Availability of Replacement Parts – Sometimes the cause of an uncomfortable seat cushion is the result of broken springs, parts, and other pieces of the seat framework. Remember to take this into consideration when selecting a new seat or cushion.


replacement seats


For further assistance in selecting the correct seat, cushion, or cover, please feel free to call Suburban Seating & Safety at (844) SAS.SEAT (1-844-727-7328) and speak with one of our truck seat experts today!


FMCSA Proposes More Driving Hours for CDL Licensing

The FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) recently proposed changes to the rules for obtaining a CDL license and training procedures. If the proposed rules are passed and put into place, new CDL applicants would be required to log a set number of hours before they would be able to obtain their CDL license.


Replacement Truck Seats


The FMCSA has created two different minimum driving hour requirements based on the type of CDL license the applicant seeks. For instance, in order to obtain a CDL Class A license, which allows you to operate tractor trailers and vehicles with gross weights equal to or more than 26,001 pounds, you would need to successfully log a minimum of 30 behind-the-wheel hours during a FMCSA-compliant truck driver training program. A minimum of 10 hours must be completed on a closed driving practice range.


For a CDL Class B license, you would need to log a minimum of 15 behind-the-wheel hours before being able to apply for your CDL license. A Class B license is required to operate buses, dump trucks, box trucks, and other straight trucks. A minimum of 7 hours must be completed on a closed driving practice range.




Besides new CDL applicants, the proposed changes in the mandatory driving hours would be enforced when upgrading a CDL or if drivers had previously lost their CDL through disqualification and are reapplying to have their CDL reinstated. Additionally, the FMCSA would not require firefighters, farmers, or military truck drivers to obtain the new minimum driving hour requirements.


The reason the FMCSA is considering increasing the mandatory number of driver training hours is because a driver who has logged more training hours is a safer truck driver. Whether you are current truck driver or are in process of obtaining your CDL, you can make sure your ride is always comfortable with replacement truck seats from Suburban Seating & Safety. Give us a call today at (844) SAS-SEAT or 844-727-7328 to learn more about our customized solutions.