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Truck Driver Lifestyle: Tips for Bringing Home with You on the Road

The truck driver lifestyle can result in being away from home and family quite often. It can be difficult being away this much, but that comes with the job. However, there are several things you can do to bring a piece of home with you on the road to brighten up your journey.

1. Hang up family photos in the interior of your semi-truck.

It’s nice to be reminded of your loved ones while you’re on the road. Hang up pictures of friends, family, or pets in the cab and sleeping area of your truck. Just make sure not to obstruct your view of the road.

2. Bring sentimental items.

Being on the road doesn’t mean that you have to be away from your most prized possessions. Make yourself feel more at home by bringing your favorite pillow, a love letter, a stuffed animal, or any other item that reminds you of home.

3. Personalize the exterior of your semi-truck.

Adding decorations and personal touches to the exterior of your truck will make it feel more like home. Just make sure whatever decorations you place on the exterior are secured in place, so they do not blow off. Make sure to not block your field of vision, backup camera, or RoadWatch sensors.


Male driver hands holding radio and steering wheel


3. Go with the flow.

Don’t get caught up thinking about plans or activities that you’re missing out on. Instead, focus on everything that you are grateful for and all the things that make you smile. Your friends and family will be eagerly awaiting your return.

4. Take advantage of Zoom and other video conferencing technologies.

Just because you are on the road doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy spending time with your family. Schedule regular video calls during your off hours throughout the week. You could even plan virtual family meals and game nights.

5. Cherish your family when you have time at home.

Being on the road so often means that it is even more important than ever to cherish your loved ones when you do get to spend time at home. Create special memories and enjoy every second you can with friends and family.


Happy family hugging


6. Treat yourself to some upgrades for your cab interior.

Rewarding yourself for your time on the road can help make the lifestyle easier. You could install new custom truck seats with the features and options you want. You might want to get a new comfy truck mattress if you are having problems sleeping.


A homey cab can make being on the road for long periods of time more enjoyable. To find new custom and replacement truck seats, truck mattresses, and more, please feel free to shop online at Suburban Seating & Safety. You can also call us at 844-727-7328 for further assistance today!


Truck Industry Trends: How COVID-19 Is Affecting Semi-Truck Drivers

While many businesses were forced to shut down amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the trucking industry did not. However, that is not to say the trucking industry has not had to adjust to changes too. While deliveries for groceries, medical supplies, and other essential items continue or even rose, other supply chains for manufacturing and non-essential items declined.


Semi-truck drivers have also faced changes and adjust to spending more time in their trucks. With restaurants only offering take-out or delivery services, getting food to-go has been more challenging as many places don’t allow truckers to walk through their drive-thrus. However, many restaurants on trucking routes are making to help out.


Truck driver with protective mask during coronavirus


Another challenge for truckers is finding rest areas that are open where they can use the bathroom and washup. While many rest stops are open so truckers can stop and sleep, the restrooms are not. So, truckers have had to buy camping/portable toilets to be able to use the bathroom while on the road.


Truck stops have also changed how they do business, only allowing a few truckers inside to shop, buy food, take showers, do laundry, etc. In some cases, it could take hours before the trucker is allowed inside depending on how many people are waiting to get inside.


In addition to these changes, many truckers have had to get used to wearing personal protection equipment (PPE) in the form of face masks and gloves when making deliveries. To ensure their safety, truckers also are stocking up on hand sanitizer since they do not always have access to soap and water to wash their hands.


Some trucking operations even changed to contactless delivery. These deliveries are where either the trucker unloads the truck onto the dock, then once safely back in his or her cab, informs the business so they can bring the delivery inside. Alternatively, the business unloads the truck while the trucker remains in the cab.


ruck driver wearing safety face mask next to big rig


With truckers spending more time in their trucks, the sale of replacement truck seats has increased. Truckers are upgrading to better seats that offer more lumbar support, heat and cooling functions, and other features to make sitting for longer more comfortable.


COVID-19 has certainly changed trucking industry trends. Yet, semi-truck drivers have been quick to adapt and do their part to ensure people have access to food, medical supplies, and other essential items.


Here at Suburban Seating & Safety, we want to thank each and every truck driver for their dedication and commitment during these changing times.


If you are looking for replacement truck seats that are comfortable and have a wide range of features, please feel free to browse our online seats and call us at 844-727-7328 to order yours today!


Why You Need Replacement Truck Seats After an Accident

Being involved in a semi-truck accident can be very stressful and unnerving. Regardless of who was at fault, the extent of damages can range from a minor “fender bender” to major damages that keep you off the road for several weeks until your truck is repaired.


While you will certainly be concerned about the damage to your semi-truck and its major operating components—engine, brakes, transmission, etc.—one thing often overlooked after an accident is whether you need replacement truck seats.


the truck lies in a ditch after the road accident


The impacts from a crash not only damage the exterior of your truck but can also send vibrations throughout the entire cabin. The extent of these vibrations from impacts could damage your truck seats so they are no longer safe. To help determine if truck seat replacement is needed, ask yourself the following:


  • Did your airbags deploy?
  • Was the truck undrivable after the accident?
  • Did you sustain any serious injuries?
  • Were doors to the cabin damaged?
  • Is there any visible damage to the seats?

If you answered yes to one or more of these, then you should include replacement truck seats as part of your repairs to your semi-truck.


Insurance May Cover the Costs of Replacement Truck Seats

You will want to include the costs for new seats in your repair estimate. Most insurance policies will cover the costs of new seats as long as they have been verified by the repair shop to be damaged. When choosing a new truck seat, you want to select one that is comparable or better than the one you currently had.


Semi Truck Driver Showing Thumb Up.


Never Buy Used Air Ride Truck Seats

While it can be tempting to save a little money and buy used air ride truck seats, don’t. The problem with used seats is you do not know their accident history or have any guarantee that the seats will meet safety standards in the event of another accident. If you need to replace the truck seats in your semi after an accident, you want to get the best semi-truck seats possible by purchasing new.


For assistance in finding the best semi-truck seats for your truck, please feel free to contact Suburban Seating & Safety at 1-844-SAS-SEAT (844-727-7328) today!


Warning Signs It’s Time to Purchase a New Truck Seat

Re-upholstering an old truck seat is an attractive alternative to getting a new one, in some cases, as it may be less costly than replacement. However, when it comes to providing the comfort and back support truck drivers need, replacement is often the better option.


Purchase a New Truck Seat


A re-upholstering job will rejuvenate your truck seat’s appearance, but it may not improve its function. If your truck seat is several years old, it doesn’t have the advanced design that modern truck seats have. New designs are providing greater back support and comfort to drivers, making long hauls a lot easier on their bodies.


Here are a few signs that re-upholstering may be needed:


  • Stains and holes – Stains and holes in the fabric of your seat can make your truck cabin look dingy and shabby. Over time, tears in the fabric can also affect the cushioning inside your seat. If your seats are fairly new and have stains and holes, consider re-upholstery.
  • Faded color – Over time, the color of your seat fabric may fade. If the seat is sound, but just has faded fabric, an upholstery job may remedy the matter.

Here are a few signs replacement is necessary:


  • Your seat is old – Old seats aren’t as well-designed as newer seats, as advances in medicine and technology have enabled truck seat designers to create seats that better support drivers’ backs and reduce the strain that long-haul drives have on the body.
  • Your seat doesn’t provide the same support as it once did – Seat cushioning can deteriorate over time, and, after a while, a seat may not provide the same support it did when it was brand new. If this is the case, truck seat replacement is your best option.
  • Seat cushioning appears to be damaged – If your seat has holes and tears, and it appears that the cushioning is damaged or missing, it’s definitely time for a replacement truck seat.


replacement truck seats


Suburban Seating & Safety provides quality custom truck seats and other seating products to the transportation industry. Shop Suburban Seating & Safety today to find a replacement seat that fits your needs and your budget.


Six Can’t-Miss Holiday Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers

Have a professional truck driver in your life? Purchasing gifts that truckers will love is a big challenge because of their always-on-the-road lifestyle.


Big truck outdoors on parking lot


There are a lot of nifty gadgets and truck accessories that can make truck drivers’ lives easier. As you start browsing the web for gift ideas, consider these products truckers are sure to love:


  • Replacement truck seats – This is a big investment, but purchasing replacement truck seats for your trucker can be a great investment in his or her health. Worn out seats can cause truckers to have poor posture when they sit, which, over time, can contribute to low back pain. Replacing old seats with modern, ergonomically designed seats can make your trucker’s travels much more comfortable.
  • Truck mattresses – For semi drivers who have a sleeping area in their cab, a good truck mattress can be a godsend. After hours sitting behind the wheel, truck drivers need a firm, but gentle mattress to rest on for the night.
  • Bluetooth headset – A Bluetooth headset allows truck drivers to safely talk on the phone while on the road. With these headsets, truckers can enjoy hands-free communication without having to rely on the speakerphone function of their mobile phones.
  • Vehicle safe – A vehicle safe will allow drivers who must collect cash or checks in the course of their work to securely store these items. The safe also works well for storing truckers’ personal items.
  • Subscription to Sirius XM – Satellite radio provides its users with a more customized radio listening experience that they can enjoy anywhere their travels take them. Purchase your trucker a subscription, and they’ll be sure to thank you.
  • Atlas – Modern GPS and navigation systems are nice, but there are times when you just need an old-fashioned map. A quality atlas can be very helpful to truckers when their navigation system just doesn’t have the answer they’re looking for.


Holiday Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers


Suburban Seating & Safety offers a wide range of quality semi truck seats and truck accessories. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your trucker, Suburban Seating & Safety is the first place you need to look.

Truckers’ Posture Problems Lead to Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain is a huge problem for truck drivers, causing them considerable discomfort and contributing to long-term health issues. The cause of this pain may be traced back to how they’re sitting, and improvements in posture could help them avoid health issues that could cut short their career and impair their quality of life.

Truckers Posture Problems


Good posture is important to spinal health. When you slouch, you put pressure on your back. Over time, this pressure can lead to changes in your anatomy that result in significant pain and discomfort. Long periods of sitting have been found to be detrimental to back health, but sitting in a truck seat is an unavoidable part of a truck driver’s occupation.


You can improve your posture on the road by:


  • Support your thighs – Adjust your seat to make sure that it provides adequate support to the bottom of your thighs.
  • Find the right pedal position – Slide your seat so you’re not stretching to reach the pedals and so that your knees aren’t too bent.
  • Move your wallet and phone to your front pocket – Sitting on your wallet or phone for extended periods will create muscle strain and discomfort. Transfer your gear to your front pocket for greater comfort.
  • Make sure your steering wheel is at proper height – Too low, and you’ll have to slouch. Too high, and you’ll also have to position yourself at an awkward angle.
  • Adjust your seat back – Make sure that your shoulders are slightly behind your hips. A 110-degree angle is optimal.
  • Upgrading your truck seatReplacement truck seats provide lumbar support and other features not found in older or worn seats. By upgrading to a new seat, you can ensure that you’re getting all the support you need and that you have a wide range of options for changing your sitting position.

improvements in posture


Suburban Seating & Safety helps preserve the health and careers of truck drivers by providing them with the best seating solutions, including custom truck seats. Drivers can also look through the company’s large inventory of helpful truck accessories to buy to make their work safer and more comfortable.


Five Tips to Sit Up Straight Behind the Wheel

Slouching can kill your back, especially if you’re doing it for eight hours or more each day. One of the occupational hazards of trucking is that of back problems, and truckers who don’t take steps to protect their backs can have their careers cut short by chronic back pain.


Sit Up Straight Behind the Wheel


Truck drivers have higher incidences of chronic back pain than most other occupations. It’s easy to see why, as staying in a truck seat for hours each day puts tremendous pressure on the lower back, especially for folks who carry a few extra pounds.


Taking time to get out of the cab, regular exercise, and good posture can help prevent big truck operators from developing severe back pain that can make life unbearable. Here are a few tips to help you with your posture while on the road:


  • Get the right truck seat – Your truck seat may be the most important factor in your long-term health as a truck driver. An uncomfortable or worn out truck seat may cause you to slouch, putting pressure on all the wrong places. A new ergonomic seat will help you maintain good posture.
  • Keep your seat position high – A high seat position helps to place your pelvis in the correct position. A seat that’s too low makes you more likely to slouch. When you’re sitting, you want to have your knees bent at a 120- to 135-degree
  • Stretch at lights and stops – Stretching helps exercise the muscles of your back a little and adjusts your posture.
  • Do chin tucks – A few chin tucks at red lights will stretch your neck to keep it from becoming stiff and will help adjust your posture back into proper position if it has shifted while you were driving.
  • Get out of the truck and stretch – At regular intervals during your route, you should stop and take a moment to stretch. It will warm up muscles in your back and help your posture when you sit back down.

Truck Accessories

Suburban Seating & Safety provides consumers with the best in replacement truck seats and truck accessories. Find the right custom seat for your truck today at Suburban Seating & Safety.

Holiday Tips for Truck Drivers

Being on the road and away from home as the holidays approach can be difficult for truck drivers. Unfortunately, for truckers, this is just the nature of the business. That does not mean that you cannot enjoy the holidays; you just need to get a little creative.


Tips for Truck Drivers


  1. Keep in Touch With Family And Friends Through Texting and Social Media – Remain in contact with your family by texting, Facebook, Skype or another video chat service. You can also help your spouse complete holiday shopping by finding bargains online. Use your mobile device to post greetings and messages to your children on their social media page or via email.
  2. Avoid Taking On Too Much Work – It can be tempting to pick up extra loads and runs to cover for other drivers who are taking time off. While the extra money is great, it can quickly wear you down so you are exhausted on the days you do get home.
  3. Bring Along Your Family if Possible – Some trucking companies allow drivers to bring along their family on longer trips so they can spend time together while you are working over the holiday season. Check with your employer to see if this is an option.
  4. Let Your Kids Decorate the Interior of Your Cab – Have your kids brighten up your sleeping area in the back of the truck with some holiday lights and decorations. You could also hang up holiday-themed coloring pages your kids colored or drawings they made.
  5. Send Your Children Postcards from Santa – During the weeks leading up to Christmas, mail postcards to your children with personalized messages from Santa. When you return home, they will be excited to share with you the postcards you sent.
  6. Create Your Own Holiday Traditions – There are no set rules when it comes to celebrating the holidays or the traditions you have to follow. It is perfectly acceptable to come up with your own that work best around your schedule.

We hope these holiday tips makes your holiday season enjoyable. Please feel free to contact Suburban Seating & Safety at (844) SAS.SEAT (844-727-7328) today for all of your replacement truck seats and accessories.


children postcards from santa

Five Tips for New Truck Drivers

Adapting to a life on the road can be exciting and, at the same time, have its own set of new challenges. When you are first starting out, it is best to take the time to become familiar with your rig, its features, and how it operates before pulling out of the truck yard. If you are unfamiliar with the controls in the truck, as they might be different from the truck you drove during training, review the owner’s manual and ask questions.


Tips for New Truck Drivers


Once you are out on the road, keep in mind your objective should be to drive safely and arrive on time at your destinations by following these five tips:


  1. Drive at a comfortable speed. It is acceptable to drive five or ten miles per hour slower than the posted speed limit and remain in the right-hand lane if you are not entirely used to driving at the posted limit.
  2. Try to avoid heavy traffic. It is best to schedule your driving time so you do not have to drive through major cities during rush hour periods.
  3. Stop early to get the best parking. Finding truck parking later in the evening can be frustrating and involve wasting time you could be resting, while you go from truck stop to truck stop and get on and off exit after exit.
  4. Try to arrive early to deliver/pickup loads. Sometimes it is possible to get unloaded or loaded earlier than scheduled, giving you the opportunity to take on another load sooner, or potentially arrive sooner at the next delivery. This can translate to more money and better runs.
  5. It does not hurt to get to know other truck drivers. Veteran drivers are full of useful tips and suggestions to make life on the road easier.


Replacement Truck Seats


If your carrier allows you to customize your rig, remember to check out the wide selections of replacement truck seats, accessories, and other products from Suburban Seating & Safety to make life on the road more comfortable. Contact us at (844) SAS.SEAT (844-727-7328) for assistance in selecting the right products for your truck.


Ways to Customize Your Semi Truck

Most truck drivers spend long hours on the road away from the comforts of home. From driving to sleeping and relaxing, the truck cab becomes your home-away-from-home. Taking the time to customize your semi truck allows you to put your own personal touches on your truck and make spending time in it more enjoyable.


Customize Your Semi Truck


  • Upgrade your seat. Getting new replacement truck seats allows you to choose the features and options that best meet your needs, like better back and neck support. You can also consider seat covers if your seat is still in decent condition, but is starting to look a bit worn.
  • Install a navigation/GPS/entertainment system. From custom audio systems to integration with smartphones, a new entertainment center will provide access to your favorite music and provide you with detailed directions, and nearby fuel stations and restaurants, and some even offer weather updates and traffic alerts.
  • Add Bluetooth hands-free compatible devices. Changing radio stations, CB channels, and anything else that takes your hands off the wheel and eyes of the road can be dangerous. With a hands-free Bluetooth system you can use voice commands to take care of most functions and still keep your attention on the road.
  • Get a comfortable mattress. Making sure you are well-rested before driving is important; not to mention, a new mattress can help prevent back aches and pains.
  • Install a satellite TV receiver.  Get access to TVs, movies, and on-demand channels you can watch while you unwind after a day of driving.
  • Upgrade the exterior of the truck. There are numerous exterior upgrades, like adding chrome bumpers and wheels, fog lights, and additional exterior lights.


If you do not own your truck, before making customizations check with the owner and get his or her permission. Most owners are willing to allow their drivers to make certain customizations to keep them happy.


Truck Interior Accessories


Remember to check out the truck accessories and replacement seats available from Suburban Seating & Safety, or call us at (844) SAS.SEAT (844-727-7328) to get the items you need to personalize your truck.