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A Guide for Truck Drivers Driving in Rush Hour Traffic

Truck drivers try to avoid rush hour traffic. Yet this is not possible under the current “14-hour clock” laws and regulations. While you may be able to delay your start and miss morning rush hour, you may not be so lucky to miss the evening rush hour.


Whether you drive overnight and occasionally get stuck in rush hour traffic or have to stick to a set schedule and drive in a rush hour daily, it is best to be prepared. Preparations involve making sure your truck is outfitted with the right equipment and commercial truck accessories, including:


  • The Best Semi-Truck Seats: Since you will be sitting in stop and go and traffic, you want a seat that will keep your backside from getting sore. There are semi-truck seats that feature heating and cooling, as well as message functions.
  • Invest in a GPS: You can monitor traffic and see where it is the most congested. Modern GPS systems offer “alternative” routes that may have less traffic and use side roads less frequently traveled.
  • Upgrade Truck Driver Safety Equipment: Make sure you have the right size truck mirrors to monitor traffic on both sides of your truck. There are also blind spot detectors, as well as rear cameras so you have a better “view” of what is around you in the areas that are the hardest to see.

Intense traffic flow of trucks and cars on a highway


Try to Plan Routes to Miss Rush Hour Traffic

One way to try to avoid rush hour traffic is to plan your routes ahead of time. If possible, stop the night before far enough away from a major city so that by the time you are driving through it the next day, rush hour will be over. If you plan accordingly, you could luck out and miss both morning and evening rush hours when passing through multiple major cities!


In the perfect world, there would be “semi-truck only” lanes in major cities so truck drivers would not have to worry about rush hour traffic. Since that is not possible, the best thing to do is to practice safe driving habits, remain alert, and stay as comfortable as possible until you get through the heavy traffic.


view of the highway from the cab


To find comfortable semi-truck seats and safety equipment for your truck, please feel free to explore our online store or contact Suburban Seating & Safety at 844-727-7328 for further assistance today!


Four Reasons Why Trucking Might Be the Second Career for You

Let’s face it. Trucking isn’t considered a glamorous career. Parents don’t think to encourage their children to grow up to become truckers, and the last time trucking was portrayed as glamorous was sometime in the 1970s. However, despite the rough exterior of the trucking industry, a job seeker who looks beneath the surface just might discover that trucking careers can provide the income and stability they need.


This is especially true in today’s economy, where globalization and automation continue to fundamentally disrupt and change the economy. Many people are finding themselves downsized or outsourced and thrust into an increasingly chaotic job market.


trucks on highway


For a lot of these folks, driving semi-trucks is a good career move for people in need of a career they can quickly enter and advance in earnings. Here are four reasons why trucking is a good opportunity for a second career.


Ease of Entry

While many careers require years of training, education, and experience before being considered a full-fledged member of the profession, someone who chooses a trucking career can become a qualified trucker in six months at most. Many community colleges and trucking schools offer courses that will prepare you to get a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) in three to six months.


Even better, some companies offer on-the-job training, so you can generate an income even while you’re learning.


A Competitive Salary

Another reason to become a truck driver is that, once you get your feet wet in the industry, you can quickly begin earning more money. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, truck drivers’ median pay in 2016 was $41,340, but many drivers earn more than this. In fact, according to the most recent poll taken by the job search site Indeed, truck drivers can expect to make over $74,000 a year.


If you have your own rig and act as an owner-operator, you can expect to earn even more—about $141,000 a year. Additionally, you should also think of the money you’ve saved that would have otherwise gone to pay for a two-year or four-year degree.


Strong Job Outlook

Unlike many careers in the past year, trucking is a stable industry with solid prospects. About 108,000 more truckers will be needed between now and 2026, making your prospects of finding and keeping a trucking job good. Autonomous trucks may one day cut into trucking career opportunities, but the technology and legal framework that would allow this to happen is still at least 10-20 years away, by most estimates.



One of the perks of being a truck driver is the flexibility the job offers once you get established in the profession. Truckers can live just about anywhere, and well-established professionals can often choose how much or how little they work.


Truckers will also have the opportunity to see the United States of America in a way that few other people get to do. You’ll be able to drive through the country’s national parks and observe country and city landscapes. Even better, with the right commercial truck accessories, you’ll be almost untouchable by road fatigue.


truck driver dirving the truck


Contact Suburban Seating & Safety to Optimize Your Ride

If you’re thinking about careers, don’t overlook trucking. It offers a combination of salary and flexibility that many other jobs just can’t match. It’s also very easy to enter.


Suburban Seating & Safety is ready to help new members of the transportation industry with great deals on truck seats and truck accessories. Shop today to find the equipment that will make your new working environment comfortable.


5-Must Have Accessories for Your Everyday Drive

Regular passenger vehicles are far more likely to be involved in an accident, but the large size and heavy loads carried by big trucks increase the likelihood that there will be serious injury and damage caused. Without commercial truck safety equipment, these factors limit truck drivers’ control, sometimes putting their own lives and those of other drivers at risk.


red warning triangle on the road


The right equipment can go a long way toward ensuring truck driver safety and reducing the possibility that they will be in an accident. Here are seven of the most important safety accessories that should be in every truck:


The Top 7 Safety Accessories Truck Drivers Need:


  1. CamerasCameras are essential commercial truck accessories for truck drivers who are always vulnerable to blind spots. Backup cameras eliminate guesswork, and dash cams provide an accurate video record of any accidents. The newest technology from Brigade Electronics allows truckers to install cameras where they are needed and to use the twin camera screen splitter to view two angles at all times.
  2. LCD Monitors – Your monitor displays what your camera captures so you know when something is in your blind spot. Suburban Seating and Safety carries a variety of the best LCD monitors, including those with waterproof, shock-resistant, and multi-image features.
  3. Heated Mirrors – Visibility in all situations is critical to safety, and mirrors that are fogged, frosted, or iced up are useless. Our collection of heated mirrors stays clear of ice and includes motorized models that can rotate a full 360° for the ultimate in visibility, no matter the weather.
  4. Road Watch Sensor Bullet – Truck drivers must go where their job takes them, and that often means driving in all types of weather conditions. To improve truck driver safety in changing weather, the Road Watch Bullet accurately monitors and displays the actual outside air and road surface temperature at highway speed. This keeps the driver aware of rapidly changing conditions and the likelihood of black ice developing on the pavement.
  5. New Seat Belts – Safety belts are essential kinds of truck driver safety equipment that are too often overlooked when upgrading to more modern and effective gear. A three-point safety belt holds the driver in from the waist up instead of putting all of the pressure on the waist during a forceful stop. Worn, malfunctioning, or uncomfortable seat belts can fail under stress or—worse yet—not be worn consistently. Replacing your seat belt with one that is easy and comfortable to wear makes sure it is there when you need it.


truck driver man sitting in cabin giving thumbs up


  1. RAM Mounts Universal No-Drill™ Mounts – The cameras, tablets, monitors, and laptops that are bringing driver safety and route planning into the future all need to be mounted safely and held securely during travel. These RAM mounts feature a ball and socket joint, telescoping feature, and articulated arm, making them one of the best commercial truck accessories for the tech-savvy driver.
  2. Roadwatch Tracker System – With GPS location in real time and tracking of vehicle speed, idle times, and route variations, the Roadwatch Tracker System improves efficiency by saving fuel and freeing up drivers from manual check-ins. The system reports important vehicle and location data in emergency situations, getting the right help to drivers sooner.


To Find More Innovative Commercial Truck Safety Equipment

Browse our selection of truck interior accessories to find the right combination of equipment and accessories that make it easy to protect your truck and yourself on those long hauls in all climates, traffic, and road conditions.


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