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5 Truck Seat Brands to Look At for the New Year

It is hard to believe we are saying goodbye to another decade, at the end of this year, and kicking off a new one in 2020. As part of your New Year’s resolutions for 2020 and the new decade, you should make a promise to yourself that this will be the year you upgrade to a new, comfortable truck seat with the features and options you desire—like a new heated and ventilated (cooled) truck seat.


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To help you meet your New Year’s resolution, here are our picks for the Top 5 truck seat brands to look at when picking out your new seat.


1. Bostrom Truck Seats

Bostrom truck seats come in a wide array of styles and sizes to fit in a wide range of semi-trucks, buses, and other commercial vehicles. You can explore mid-back and high-back seats in cloth, vinyl, and ultra-leather. Bostrom’s newest Wide Ride seats even include Serta® cushioning and other great features.


2. National Truck Seats

National Seats are another top brand to consider. They offer a variety of seat styles, cloth, vinyl, and leather options, as well as many comforts, including heat, massage, and cooling. You can even custom order a seat to your exact specifications.


3. ISRI Truck Seats

ISRI is another great brand of truck seats to consider when you upgrade. You can choose from cloth, vinyl, and leather seats with an array of features and options. ISRI’s 5030/880 Premium Seat features adjustable dampening and quick air release.


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4. Sears Truck Seats

Sears truck seats are compatible with all sorts of commercial vehicles, from construction equipment and delivery trucks to semi-trucks and buses. You can choose from a variety of models or custom order a Sears seat that meets your needs.


5. Knoedler Truck Seats

Knoedler seats have several different styles of seats that incorporate both safety and comfort. They feature lumbar support, flexible height adjustment, and other highly demanded features that make Knoedler truck seats perfect for semi-trucks and off-road vehicles. You can custom order the seat of your dreams with the features and options you want.


To start exploring new semi-truck seats for your truck or another commercial vehicle for the New Year, please feel free to explore our online store or contact Suburban Seating & Safety at 844-727-7328 for custom orders or further assistance today!


Why Truckers Should Choose Bostrom Truck Seats

You’re a trucker—a person who spends countless hours on the road, driving through rain and snow, beautiful sunny days, and sparkling starry nights. On the road, there’s often little more than you, maybe a dog, and your CB radio as the trees, plains, and mountains breeze by.


It’s an idyllic picture, isn’t it? Unfortunately, it leaves out some of the challenges truckers face every single day—like back pain, discomfort, and improper posture. The seat you choose before you drive can mean the difference between a successful job completed and time off due to pain. In this post, we’ll tell you why we think Bostrom truck seats are the right choice for the job.


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High-Quality Materials

Bostrom truck seats represent the very best in trucking equipment within the seating industry. Each seat is crafted using only the highest-quality, high-durability materials, ensuring that your investment really stands the test of time. When you shop with Suburban Seating & Safety, you can be sure that any product you purchase follows the same exquisite attention to detail and standards of excellence.


Custom-Fitted for Individual Fleets

At Suburban Seating & Safety, we know every fleet and company is unique. In partnership with Bostrom, we strive to offer every company with the option for custom-fitted seating. Instead of cookie-cutter solutions, you get all of the quality associated with Bostrom’s brand-name packaged into a more convenient, more suitable solution just for you.


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The Ultimate Seating for Professional Drivers

Bostrom seats aren’t only made with care; they’re specially designed to fit the needs of professional drivers. From the durability of the materials used on the outside of each seat to make seating available for Class 6, 7, and 8 vehicles, there’s an incredible amount of thought put into product design.


Bostrom even considers posture and comfort issues specific to individual driving styles and trucks. Order seating for Mack, Volvo, International, Kenworth, Sterling, Peterbilt, and Freightliner trucks or a long list of other makes and models.


Bostrom truck air seats provide the ultimate in cushioning and shock protection for long-haul, short-haul, and other professional driving fleets. Shop Suburban Seating & Safety and find your best Bostrom product today to see just how fun driving can really be.