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What to Do if You Notice a Gas Smell in a Car or Truck

If you notice a gas smell in a car or truck, it is important to determine the cause. Unlike other fluids, you do not have to wait for puddles to appear under the fuel tank to know there is a problem.


To find the cause for the smell, you do need to do a little investigative work. Most of these things are easy to do on your own. Once you find the source of the leak, you may need to get help from your mechanic to fix them.


  • Is the gas cap secure or missing? If the gas cap is not on tight or missing, you will notice a gas smell. This is because the tank is not fully sealed and allows vapors from the fuel to escape. Some car and truck safety features will alert you to this problem by turning on a warning light or check engine light on the dash.

Extreme close-up of male fingers holding fuel cap


  • Is the oil cap on secure? The oil cap is another area where fuel vapor can escape from the engine. Check to make sure it is on tight and the O-ring or gasket on the cap is not damaged or missing.
  • Is the fuel canister damaged or broken? There is normally a canister filled with charcoal somewhere under the hood or near the engine. The charcoal helps absorb fuel vapors.
  • Are the spark plugs loose or old? If the spark plugs are loose, the gap in between is too big and will allow fuel vapors to escape. If the spark plugs are old, the ends will no longer fire correctly and could result in excess fuel in the chamber. When the plug does fire, it will result in a strong gas smell.
  • How old are the fuel lines? Fuel lines eventually wear out. They can crack and break and create fuel leaks. Do not forget to check the fuel line that runs from the fuel tank to the engine too.

After checking these things, if you still haven’t located the problem, it could be a faulty fuel injector or fuel injector O-ring. Checking fuel injectors is a task best left for a mechanic to avoid damaging the fuel injection system.


used fuel injectors

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Truck and Auto Replacement Seats: Buying New vs. Buying Used

You know it is time to get truck or auto replacement seats when the seats in your truck or automobile are causing a sore back or are simply uncomfortable to sit in. Depending on the age of your truck or auto, you may have the choice between new and used seats. For really old trucks and autos, your only option may be used.


car bench


To help you decide which option is best for you, here are some pros and cons of new and used seats to consider:


New Seats Pros

  • New seats allow you to upgrade the seat style to include additional features which you currently do not have that are compatible with your vehicle, like heated seats or power seats.
  • New seats are free from possible defects.
  • New seats offer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) quality.
  • New seats will last longer.
  • New seats can be more comfortable.
  • New seats can have better suspension/springs.
  • They can replace the entire seat or just the bottom, back, or headrest.

New Seats Cons

  • New seats can cost more than used ones, which can present challenges if you are on a budget.
  • New seats may not be compatible with your vehicle.
  • New seats may not give you the authentic look and appearance you want.

Used Seats Pros

  • They are great when restoring vintage and classic cars, as new seats are not authentic and the manufacturer may no longer make seats for the vehicle.
  • They are a good option when you are on a budget and want to keep the same style of seat.
  • It is easy to find used seats compatible with your truck or automobile.
  • You can replace the entire seat or just the damaged section.

Used Seats Cons

  • Used seats could have certain defects if the vehicle they came out of was in an accident.
  • Used seats may not last as long as new seats.
  • Used seats could have certain imperfections in materials, like rips and tears you will also have to repair.

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