Must-Have Items for a Truck Driver’s Packing List for Maximum Comfort

Being on the road as a professional truck driver requires you to be prepared before leaving home. You want to make sure that you have everything you need while you are gone. Prior to heading out on long-haul runs, verify you have these must-have items on your truck driver packing list for maximum comfort.



Save money on toiletries by buying in bulk and picking up the appropriate-sized containers you need. You will want soap, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, shower shoes, razors, shaving gel, toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, wet wipes, and more. Essentially, anything you use at home should be on your list.



You will want to pack a variety of clothing for different weather conditions. For instance, during the summer months, you want lightweight clothing, shorts, and breathable t-shirts. You may want a windbreaker and rain jacket as well. In the winter, you want heavier clothing like a winter jacket, snow boots, gloves, jeans, thermal underwear, and so on. Don’t forget to include facemasks, disposable gloves, and other such safety equipment on your clothing list.


young transporter on the truck with face mask and protective gloves



You never know when a headache or allergies can flare up. Pack the appropriate medications to take with you on the road. Buying medications at truck stops can be pricey.


Laptop and Laptop Mount

If you have a laptop and take it with you, a laptop mount is a must-have item. The mount allows you to set the laptop on a stable flat surface so you can use the laptop from your truck seat when parked.


Cell Phone and Cell Phone Accessories

You will want to stay in touch with your employer, friends, and family. You may also need your cell phone for GPS and other such services. Make sure you have an appropriate plan to cover your talk, text, and data needs. You will also want to include on your list cell phone accessories like chargers, cables, screen protectors, etc.


First Aid Kit

Stock your first aid kit with bandages, antiseptic wipes, and other such essential supplies you might need if you are injured, such as instant ice packs and heat packs. It is also a good idea to stock up on road flares in case you break down, so others can see your truck easier at night.


Truck Mattress and Bedding

Having access to a comfortable truck mattress and bedding is essential to get restful sleep that keeps you awake and alert when driving. Not to mention, a quality mattress can help you avoid the back pain, neck pain, and other body aches you get when sleeping on a poor-quality mattress.


Cleaning Supplies

You will want to keep the interior of your truck neat and clean. Make a list of cleaning supplies you’ll need to take care of housekeeping chores. A small portable vacuum cleaner is also a great investment.


Comfortable Truck Seats

If you notice your truck seats are not as comfortable as they were when they were first new, you will want to put new truck replacement seats on your list. Remember to include newer features like heated and cooled seats, seats with massage features to help prevent back pain, and more!


Truck driver preparing for the next destination


We hope these must-have items for a truck driver’s packing list help you prepare better for your long-haul trips. To find truck mattresses, truck replacement seats, truck laptop mounts, cell phone accessories, and other items you need for your truck driver packing list, please feel free to shop online at Suburban Seating & Safety or contact us at 844-727-7328 today!



Becoming a Truck Driver: Costs You Need to Be Aware Of

So, you want to become a truck driver? If you are motivated, do not mind spending time on the road away from family and friends, and enjoy traveling, then this could be the perfect career for you. Not to mention, the career outlook for truck drivers is growing, as there is a shortage of qualified drivers.


One common question anyone who is considering this career has is “How much does it cost to be a driver?” Some of the more common costs you will incur include:

1. Truck-Driving School Tuition

Truck-driving school tuition is required to earn your CDL. The costs will vary based on the school. However, most schools offer financial aid, accept the GI Bill, or have employee-sponsored programs to lower the costs of tuition.


Money dollars on the hand truck


2. Housing Costs

Unless you are lucky to be living with your parents or have a partner or spouse who already works, you will need to have money set aside to cover housing costs. Some truck-driving schools will have arrangements with places that offer affordable housing, so check with the school first.


Otherwise, you will want to look at other options, like a short-term rental lease or an extended-stay hotel. Housing costs can vary based on the location of the truck-driving school.

3. Meals and Entertainment Costs

Some schools will include lunch with tuition, and others may not. You should budget meal costs, depending on whether you have access to a kitchen to cook meals or need to dine out. Entertainment costs can include the cost of streaming services, games, and so on.

4. CDL Exam and CDL License Costs

There will be a cost to get your CDL and take your CDL exam. These, as well as any endorsements you need on your CDL license, can vary from one state to another. You should budget around $400. Sometimes, these costs will be bundled with your tuition, so check with your truck-driving school.

The Benefits of Employer Sponsorship

Many trucking companies offer employer sponsorship for truck-driving school. Taking advantage of this option is a great way to defer many of the costs associated with becoming a truck driver. Your total tuition could run just a few hundred dollars. Some companies may also offer a weekly stipend or interest-free loans to help with meals and housing costs.


Professional trucker in cabin driving truck and smiling


When you finish school, you typically agree to drive for the company for a set contract period. This is a great way to become a truck driver. Just remember to consider these benefits when negotiating your truck driver salary.


After finishing up your on-the-road training and driving on your own, don’t forget to customize your truck to make life on the road easier—like upgrading your semi-truck seats. To find truck seats, mattresses, and more for your truck, please feel free to shop online at Suburban Seating & Safety or call us at 844-727-7328 for further assistance today!

Truck Driver Lifestyle: Tips for Bringing Home with You on the Road

The truck driver lifestyle can result in being away from home and family quite often. It can be difficult being away this much, but that comes with the job. However, there are several things you can do to bring a piece of home with you on the road to brighten up your journey.

1. Hang up family photos in the interior of your semi-truck.

It’s nice to be reminded of your loved ones while you’re on the road. Hang up pictures of friends, family, or pets in the cab and sleeping area of your truck. Just make sure not to obstruct your view of the road.

2. Bring sentimental items.

Being on the road doesn’t mean that you have to be away from your most prized possessions. Make yourself feel more at home by bringing your favorite pillow, a love letter, a stuffed animal, or any other item that reminds you of home.

3. Personalize the exterior of your semi-truck.

Adding decorations and personal touches to the exterior of your truck will make it feel more like home. Just make sure whatever decorations you place on the exterior are secured in place, so they do not blow off. Make sure to not block your field of vision, backup camera, or RoadWatch sensors.


Male driver hands holding radio and steering wheel


3. Go with the flow.

Don’t get caught up thinking about plans or activities that you’re missing out on. Instead, focus on everything that you are grateful for and all the things that make you smile. Your friends and family will be eagerly awaiting your return.

4. Take advantage of Zoom and other video conferencing technologies.

Just because you are on the road doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy spending time with your family. Schedule regular video calls during your off hours throughout the week. You could even plan virtual family meals and game nights.

5. Cherish your family when you have time at home.

Being on the road so often means that it is even more important than ever to cherish your loved ones when you do get to spend time at home. Create special memories and enjoy every second you can with friends and family.


Happy family hugging


6. Treat yourself to some upgrades for your cab interior.

Rewarding yourself for your time on the road can help make the lifestyle easier. You could install new custom truck seats with the features and options you want. You might want to get a new comfy truck mattress if you are having problems sleeping.


A homey cab can make being on the road for long periods of time more enjoyable. To find new custom and replacement truck seats, truck mattresses, and more, please feel free to shop online at Suburban Seating & Safety. You can also call us at 844-727-7328 for further assistance today!


9 Holiday Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

During the holiday season, freight shipments tend to increase and provide the opportunity to pick up extra loads and earn some extra money. Driving over the holidays can also mean more congestion on the roads as people will be on the roads more seeing family or running last minute holiday errands.


Snow, ice, and other inclement weather can occur as well, depending on where you drive. To help keep you safe, check out these holiday safety tips for truck drivers.


1. Monitor the Weather

You want to make sure you check the weather forecasts frequently while on the road. You don’t want to be surprised when the weather suddenly changes from sunny to snowy.


2. Monitor the Roads

Get a RoadWatch sensor system installed on your truck. This neat device tells you the road temperatures and outdoor temperatures, so you will know if you need to worry about black ice and icy conditions.


Onset of winter snowy truck in traffic jam on highway


3. Lock Your Truck

Whether you are in your truck or stopped grabbing a bite to eat, make sure you keep your truck locked at all times.


4. Take Breaks to Stretch Your Legs

Since you will be driving more during the holidays, stopping more often to get out of your truck, get some fresh air, and stretch your legs will help you stay awake and alert.


5. Go with the Flow

Allow extra time to get to your destinations. Slow down in heavy traffic and inclement weather. Take your time, so you arrive safely.


6. Don’t Drive More Than You Should

Pay attention to the number of hours you drive and do not exceed 11 since that is the maximum allowed per 24-hour period.


7. Video Chat with Family and Friends

Being away from home can be challenging since you can miss out on holiday festivities with family and friends. Take advantage of technology to stay in touch and be present virtually.


Truck driver wearing Santa Clause hat and driving his truck


8. Adjust Your Holidays as Needed

It is okay to adjust when you celebrate holidays to fit with when you will be at home with your family. If you have kids, you can have your spouse or partner make sure Santa still arrives on the 24th, and then video chat on the 25th if you won’t be home.


9. Reward Yourself with Semi-Truck Accessories

With all the extra hours you are putting in, you deserve all of the added comforts you can get in your truck. By searching for replacement truck seats, you can find special semi-truck seats that you can customize with the features and options you want, such as heating, cooling, massage, and more.


At Suburban Seating & Safety, we want to wish you and your family a happy, safe, and joyous holiday season. To find an auto seats replacement, RoadWatch sensors, and other items for your truck, please feel free to explore our online store or contact us by calling 844-727-7328 today!

Why You Should Invest in Quality and Long-Haul Upgrades for Your Semi-Truck

Long haul truckers are the backbone of our economy and ensure products and goods are delivered on time across the country. Truck drivers spend most of their days sitting in their cabs for long hours to reach their destinations on time. This is why truckers need to upgrade their trucks and ensure they are as comfortable as possible.


1. Replacement Truck Seats

You can order replacement truck seats for your semi-truck made from high-quality materials. For example, if you have a Volvo truck, you could order a National HP Series OEM Volvo truck seat to replace your existing one.


young transporter on the truck with face mask and protective gloves


2. Custom Truck Seats

When you want your truck seat to have features and options beyond what an OEM version has, you can customize it by ordering custom truck seats. Bostrom, National, Knoedler, and other top brands allow you to customize various seat models with features and options like heating, cooling, massage, and more!


3. Upgrade Exterior Lighting

Get new LED headlights and replace all exterior lighting with LED lights. You could also add more exterior lights to customize your truck and improve its appearance at night. Plus, it will be easier for other truckers and motorists to see your truck, especially when it is raining, snowing, or foggy.


4. Upgrade Your Navigation System

Newer models offer more than just driving directions to your destinations. Some models can auto-adjust directions when the system receives traffic updates. For instance, there is an accident ahead on the highway, so the system will reroute you to avoid ending up sitting, stuck in traffic, waiting while the accident is cleared. Many models also include features to alert you of nearby truck stops, restaurants, rest stops, and other locations based on your preferences and configuration settings.


Truck driver with tablet using GPS navigation for his route.


5. Upgrade Your Mattress

If your current mattress leaves you with a stiff and sore back and neck, you are due for an upgrade. Upgrading to a high-quality, comfortable truck mattress will help you fall asleep faster and will be better for your back and neck. You will feel refreshed and ready to start your day.


To find quality and long-haul upgrades for your semi-truck, including replacement truck seats, custom truck seats, and truck mattresses, please feel free to explore our online store or contact us, at Suburban Seating & Safety, by calling 844-727-7328 today!


5 Tips for Truckers to Maximize Their Incomes

Driving a semi-truck is a great way to earn a living. Yet, many truck drivers do not fully tap into their true earnings potential to maximize their incomes. There are several things you can do that can boost how much you earn and save—like using these great tips!


1. Don’t Overlook These Money-Saving Tips for Truckers

Tapping into money-saving tips for truckers can reduce your expenses and boost your income, such as:


  • Ask for Truck Driver Discounts – Many places will give you a discount because you are a truck driver.
  • Shop Sales – Shop sales, closeouts, “buy one get one free,” and other deals to save money on food, items for your truck, and more.
  • Prepare More Meals – It costs less to prepare meals in your truck than to dine out or get food to go.
  • Adjust Your Smartphone Plan – With so many free Wi-Fi spots these days, you might be able to drop to a lower plan and save a little money.
  • Use a Cash-Back Rewards Card – When making purchases, use a cash-back rewards credit card. The rewards will quickly start to add up. Just make sure to pay off your balance each month to avoid finance charges.


People hands are taking money to buy new truck fleet


2. Review Bonuses Offered by Your Employer

If you drive for a trucking company, take the time to find out what bonuses they offer that can increase your income. For example, some companies have referral bonuses, training bonuses, safe driver bonuses, and so on.


3. Inspect Your Cargo and Bill of Lading

The last thing you want is to show up to make a delivery and not have the right cargo, a shortage or overage, or damaged cargo. By inspecting your cargo before leaving and confirming what is on the bill of lading, you won’t get stuck waiting around while things are sorted out.


4. Use Your GPS to Maximize the Best Routes

Some routes might be shorter but take longer, and others may be longer but have shorter driving times. Take the time to plan the best route to get you there the fastest, so you don’t waste extra time you could be spending hauling another load.


Professional trucker using truck gps navigation to transport and deliver goods


5. Maximize Your Allowed Hours

Unless you are feeling tired and sluggish, you should try to maximize the allowed driving hours each day you are on the road. The more time you spend driving, the more money you will make.


By using these tips, you are sure to notice an increase in your income. If you are looking for semi-truck seats, custom truck seats, truck mattresses, and other items for your truck, please feel free to browse online at Suburban Seating & Safety or call us at 844-727-7328 for further assistance today!


Replacement Seats for Trucks and Accessories You Don’t Want to Miss

Staying comfortable while on the road is important for any truck driver. There are many different types of replacement seats, truck accessories, and other items on the market that make life on the road easier. If you haven’t treated yourself lately, or even if you have, check out our list of these top things you don’t want to miss!


1. National HP Series OEM Volvo Truck Seat – This is one of the newer replacement seats for trucks to be released by National HP for Volvo trucks. It features a high back, air suspension, triple chamber air lumbar, and air adjustable side bolsters, and it is offered in brown cloth.

National HP Series OEM Volvo Seat


2. Custom Truck Seats – Many of the top manufacturers like Bostrom and National offer custom truck seats, so you can design your replacement seat to have the features and options you want, such as outfitting a Bostrom Wide Ride+ Serta® with heating and cooling.


3. Laptop Mounts – Laptop mounts, which are also referred to as laptop desks, are great to have to make using your laptop easier. You can install the mount next to the passenger seat and the swivel arm will move easily so you can use it from either seat.


4. Luxury Ultra Thick Truck Mattresses – Bostrom has partnered with Serta® to produce a wide range of super comfortable mattresses. You can also check out InnerSpace’s thick luxury deluxe series of mattresses for a comfy truck mattress and a great night’s sleep.


Serta Truck Mattresses


5. Semi-Truck Mini Refrigerator – Having a mini refrigerator is a must-have whether you eat out or cook your own meals. Plus, some models even have a tiny freezer for storing frozen foods.


6. Cooking Appliances – A slow cooker, hot plate, air fryer, or multicooker would be great cooking appliances you might want to have for cooking, frying, baking, and reheating meals. Don’t forget to also get the right utensils and a decent set of chef knives.


7. White Noise Machine – If you have problems falling asleep, a white noise machine is a great investment. Some models can play other sounds like ocean waves, rain showers, etc. to help you drift off to sleep.


Upgrading and adding replacement seats for trucks and the right accessories can make your life on the road easier and more comfortable. To find new and custom truck seats, truck mattresses, laptop mounts, and other items, please feel free to browse online at Suburban Seating & Safety or call us at 844-727-7328 for further assistance today!

The Difference Between Driving a Truck and a Professional Truck Driver

There are some key differences between driving a truck to earn a living and a professional truck driver. So, what sets a professional apart from the sea of trucks and truck drivers on the roads these days? It is all about their attitude and how they represent themselves.


Truck driver going to his big rig semi truck parked on the truck stop parking lot


To find out what kind of truck driver you are, ask yourself the following:


1. Do you care about other truckers and motorists on the road? Taking the time to practice defensive driving habits, obeying traffic laws, and just showing some courtesy toward other drivers is what sets a professional apart from a regular driver.


2. Do you take the time to get to know other truck drivers? Professional drivers spend time getting to know one another. When they see each other, it is like seeing a friend or family member you haven’t seen in months.


3. Do you try to offer help when you see a trucker stranded on the side of the road? It can be difficult to stop and offer help with the tight schedules these days. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot get on the CB to see if they are all right and if they need help.


4. Do you dress to impress? Dressing professionally when making deliveries or picking up loads is another thing that sets professional drivers apart from regular drivers. After all, you are making an impression with businesses that could lead to future loads.


Portrait of driver at modern truck outdoors


5. Do you show respect for fellow truckers? Whether you are a veteran driver or just starting out, showing respect is just part of being a professional driver, even when you may not agree with other truckers’ opinions.


6. Do you take care of your truck? Professional drivers take the time to keep their trucks clean inside and out since this is also part of making a good first impression when making deliveries or picking up a load.


If you answered yes to these questions, then you can pat yourself on the back for being a professional truck driver. If you only answered yes to some of the questions, good job. You are on your way to becoming a professional driver.


To find truck mattresses, truck accessories, and truck seats for sale easily, shop online at Suburban Seating & Safety today! Please feel free to contact us at 844-727-7328 if you have questions or need assistance.

7 Safety Tips for Truck Drivers That Could Save Lives

Semi-truck drivers have important jobs in ensuring products, goods, food, medical supplies, and other essentials items are transported and delivered across the country. Driving a truck requires truck drivers to be alert and aware to ensure their safety, as well as the safety of other truck drivers and motorists.


As a truck driver, you want to make sure to pay attention and use these great safety tips for truck drivers every time you get behind the wheel.


Six lane controlled-access highway in Poland by night.


1. Check your side mirrors often and know what is around your truck and trailer.

You should periodically check your side mirrors to have an idea of whether there could be other vehicles in your blind spots. Knowing what is around you allows you to plan an “escape” route, should you need to change lanes suddenly.


2. Pay attention to what is in front of you.

Look as far down the highway as you can see. This helps you anticipate potential problems and start planning now, before getting to a point in the road where cars merge onto the freeway or broken-down vehicles litter the side of the road.


3. Maintain proper distancing from other vehicles.

You want to allow yourself as much space as possible all around your truck. In heavy traffic, slow down to maintain sufficient following distances and time to react if needed.


4. Be aware of road conditions.

You should pay attention to road conditions to adjust your speed or stop when needed. You could also install RoadWatch® Sensors to always know the outdoor and pavement temperatures and have an early warning should road conditions deteriorate.


5. Slow down in construction zones.

Construction zones can be unpredictable with lane shifts and sharp curves. Traffic may even stop unexpectedly. By driving slower, you can adapt faster to changes in the road or traffic.


Truck driver preparing for the next destination


6. Monitor your gauges and GPS.

Every now and then, glance at the dash to make sure there are no warning lights on. Take a moment to glance at the GPS, which can show accidents, traffic congestion, and other useful information so you can start preparing now.


7. Replace worn-out truck seats.

Nothing is more distracting when driving than a worn-out, uncomfortable truck seat. You can find custom truck seats with the features and options you want at Suburban Seating & Safety. Shop our truck seats online now or contact us at 844-727-7328 for further assistance.

Why Custom Sleeper Trucks Are Making a Comeback

Back in the later 1970s and early 1980s, custom sleeper trucks with extra-large extended cabs were quite trendy. The trend died out as the 90s rolled around, mainly due to the weight of these massive trucks and the challenges of weight restrictions for loads. As the 2000s hit and fuel prices soared, the custom sleeper was essentially dead.


However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, custom sleeper cabs are making a resurgence. The extra space found in custom sleepers helps truck drivers be pretty much self-sufficient. They can be customized with mini-kitchens, showers, toilets, larger semi-truck mattresses, separate sleeping and sitting areas with elite seats for trucks like recliners, and more.


Woman truck driver on the step



Custom sleepers provide an effective solution for truck drivers who miss the comforts of home and need to be on the road earning money. With no signs of COVID-19 slowing down, and the virus being around for the foreseeable future, truck drivers are considering customized extended cabs to help stay safer and reduce the risks of getting the coronavirus.


Unlike the sleeper trucks of the past, advances in truck design have helped to keep their weight in check. Some truck manufacturers are utilizing similar technologies like those found in custom RVs, where the back of the cab can be extended when stopped and retracted for driving.


Another option some manufacturers are using in their designs is to create a “studio” sleeper, where the bed is elevated. The space below, where the bed used to be, is used for a mini-kitchen, shower, bathroom, or other such customizations.


Big Rig Trucks at the Dock


Another reason for the resurgence of customer sleepers is related to the costs of being on the road. Let’s face it. There’s not a whole lot of healthy options for truck drivers when it comes to meals. Not to mention, as we saw when COVID-19 forced closures, there were even more limitations on what meals could be obtained.


With a custom mini-kitchen, truck drivers can make and prepare their own meals using fresh food they’ve purchased from a grocery store. The money they used to spend on a single meal can now cover the costs of two, three, or even four meals.


Most importantly, custom sleeper trucks can help truckers live more comfortably when on the road while reducing living expenses to increase earnings at a time when the industry is adjusting to new challenges like COVID-19.


Whether you have a custom sleeper cab or a traditional cab, you can find semi-truck mattresses and elite seats for trucks online at Suburban Seating & Safety or call us at 844-727-7328 to discuss customization options today!