5 Benefits of Investing in Truck Seat Covers

You’ll find many types of truck seat covers at Suburban Seating & Safety. Truck drivers must endure long work shifts, and seat covers help them stay more comfortable. Beyond this most obvious advantage, there are other benefits to covering semi-truck seats in the vehicles of your fleet.


steering truck inside cabin of heavy truck


Simple Installation

Most commercial truck seat covers install easily without tools or the need for professional expertise. That means no hassle and little downtime, so your trucks get back on the road quickly and are ready for business.


Easier Maintenance

Many seat covers can be quickly removed and are machine washable. No major interior detailing work is necessary if there is a spill or universal truck seat covers otherwise get soiled. Some materials are stain-resistant, further protecting the upholstery.



Aside from dirt resistance, each seat cover is highly resilient and wear resistant. From leather and tough fabrics that don’t absorb liquid to cloth that can be simply wiped off, our heavy-duty truck seat covers can handle just about anything.



Various colors, patterns, and materials are available. Our seat covers come in gray, charcoal, and black, or combinations of these, but others come in tan/gray cloth, red, and a range of other colors. Two-tone cushions are also available, so you can find the best seat covers for trucks in your fleet.


leather upholstery of a car seat


Reasonable Pricing

We offer high-end commercial semi-truck seat covers at affordable prices from Bostrom, National, ISRI, Sears, and more. Drivers can enjoy the comfort of a leather seat without the high costs. Plus, these seat covers are built to support any passenger on any type of ride.


Commercial truck seat covers are a great way to preserve the condition of your seats and vehicle interior as well. They protect against more expensive seat damage caused by stains, wear and tear, and even heat exposure. Drivers remain comfortable all day and don’t have to worry about any food or drinks spilling and damaging the seat material.


To find top-brand truck seat covers and upholstery, browse our site or contact Suburban Seating & Safety today.