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Top 3 RV Seats Your RV Driving Needs for This Summer and Beyond

Your RV is your home on wheels for your upcoming summer vacation. You deserve to be comfortable whether you are relaxing, eating, or driving to get to your destination. One area of RVs often overlooked is RV seats. When driving for long hours, you know how important it is to have a comfortable RV driver’s chair.


Senior woman driving the motor home while her husband sleeps in the back


Seats for your RV come in a wide range of styles with all types of features and options. You can also choose between cloth and leather seats. To help you find the best RV seats for your RV, here are our top 3 Isringhausen brand RV seat picks:


1. ISRI 6832 RV Seat with Dual Arms and 3-Point Seatbelt in Genuine Black Leather

This seat features an air suspension system for a comfortable ride, even over rough roads. The seat has height adjustment memory, so, if you share the driving with someone else, you can quickly readjust the seat to your preferred height.


Other features include:

  • Air Lumbar Support
  • Quick Release Lowering
  • Fine Adjustment Tile and Recline
  • Integrated Headrest
  • Dual Armrests
  • Right-hand Side Controls
  • Seat Cushion Extension


2. ISRI 6832 RV Seat with Climate Control, Dual Arms, and 3-Point Seatbelt in Genuine Black Leather

This RV driver’s chair has the same features as the previous seat, with the added comfort of climate control. Climate control is a great feature if you like heated and cooled seats to help keep you comfortable.


3. ISRI 6832 RV Seat with Dual Arms and 3-Point Seatbelt in Black Cloth

The features in this ISRI RV seat are identical to those in our first pick, except the seat is black cloth instead of black leather. Cloth is a good choice if you will be traveling with pets, so you do not have to worry about accidents with their claws putting holes in the seat.


Mature woman reading map in motor home with husband driving


If you don’t want to spend the summer driving in an uncomfortable, old, worn out, or damaged RV seat, now is the time to upgrade to a new state-of-the-art RV seat from Suburban Seating & Safety.


Feel free to explore our RV seats in our online store or call us at 844-727-7328 today! We also carry an assortment of comfortable auto seat replacements if you use your truck, SUV, or crossover to tow your RV camper.

Cloth or Leather Truck Seats? Which Is Right for You?

When it comes to truck seats, one heated debate you can easily get into when talking to truck drivers is whether cloth or leather truck seats are better. Deciding which type of truck seat is best for you is largely based on your preferences and your comfort. You should take into account other factors to make sure you get the best value for your money.


Do you suffer from allergies?

If dust, pollen, and other such allergens bother you, then you may want to choose leather seats. Removing these things from cloth seats can be more difficult without frequent vacuuming. With leather seats, you can easily wipe them off.


Are you accident prone?

If you tend to drop food and spill beverages, cloth may not be the best choice. Cloth can stain easier if you do not clean it up right away. You won’t enjoy driving long hours if you have to sit on a sticky, wet seat soaked in soda.


Chemical cleaning of car seats with spoonge

How much time do you have to clean and maintain your truck seats?

If you have ample time to clean your truck seats, then cloth seats could be a good choice. Cleaning cloth seats involves vacuuming them regularly and steam cleaning them about once every month or two to remove stains and odors.


If you are always on the go, then leather could be better since you just need to wipe it off. The only maintenance is using a leather conditioning wipe about once a week to help maintain the appearance of the leather.


Do you drive in a smelly or dirty environment?

If you operate heavy construction equipment, drive in dusty conditions, or haul livestock or other loads that tend to smell, leather is often a better choice. This is because leather does not absorb odors and dirt as cloth seats can.


In the past, the weather would also be another consideration when choosing between cloth and leather. However, you will find there are both cloth and leather truck seats that feature heating and cooling options—like Isringhausen truck seats.


Driver in cabin of big modern truck


To find the best truck seat that fits your needs and budget, feel free to shop online at Suburban Seating & Safety or contact us at 844-727-7328 for further assistance. We offer a wide assortment of truck seats in both cloth and leather with a variety of features and options to keep you comfortable.