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Warning Signs It’s Time to Purchase a New Truck Seat

Re-upholstering an old truck seat is an attractive alternative to getting a new one, in some cases, as it may be less costly than replacement. However, when it comes to providing the comfort and back support truck drivers need, replacement is often the better option.


Purchase a New Truck Seat


A re-upholstering job will rejuvenate your truck …

Five Tips to Prevent Long-Term Back Pain in Truckers

Every profession has its occupational hazards, and trucking has more than a few, including road and traffic hazards, as well as possible injury from loading and unloading trucks. One of the more insidious threats truckers face is long-term back pain, which can develop slowly over time until it becomes debilitating.


Prevent Long Term Back Pain in Truckers


Back pain can …

Five Tips for Buying Off-Highway Seats

For trucks and heavy equipment that may be operating in off-road conditions, such as construction sites, having the right seating is important. Going off-road in a vehicle with seats designed for the highway isn’t going to be a comfortable driving experience.


Buying Off-Highway Seats


When purchasing off-highway seats for your truck or another piece of heavy … Read More...