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Five Tips for Truckers Driving in Winter Weather

Cold temperatures can make roads dangerous, causing wet and icy conditions that can contribute to traffic accidents. Because of their size and the tremendous momentum they can build on the highways, big trucks like 18-wheelers are particularly at risk of accident in cold conditions. Truck drivers must exercise great caution every minute they’re in the truck seat to avoid crashes.


Truckers Driving in Winter Weather


According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in 2015, more than 4,300 large trucks and buses were involved in fatal auto crashes, up 8 percent from the previous year. Wet and icy roads increase the likelihood of crashes, but there are some ways truckers can reduce their risks, including:


  • Regularly inspect your vehicle – Make sure that all lights are in good working order and that all your truck’s systems, including the brakes, are in good shape. Mechanical failure accounts for just a small percentage of accidents, but who wants to be a statistic?
  • Reduce your speed – The treacherous nature of snow and ice-covered roads makes it imperative for truckers to slow down. Slowing down will help you compensate for poor traction and will also give you more time to react to sudden changes, such as drivers in front of you slamming on brakes or erratic behavior by drivers in oncoming lanes of traffic.
  • Know when to pull over – If you feel like driving conditions are too dangerous, pull over. It’s not worth risking an accident.
  • Make sure all windows and mirrors are clear – Don’t drive when your view is obstructed. Ice and frost can make it tough to see out of your windshield, windows, and mirrors. Before hitting the road, make sure all windows and mirrors are unobstructed.
  • Check your tires – Winter time is no time to be driving on bald tires. Before hitting the highways, be sure to inspect your tires to ensure that they have adequate tread and are undamaged. If your tires appear questionable, replace them.


Tips for Truckers Driving in Winter Weather


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Six Accessories & Tips for Safely Spending a Winter Night in Your Semi

For many truck drivers, their vehicle’s cab is their home away from home when they’re on the road. However, when temperatures drop below freezing, there are some truck accessories big truck drivers may need to take to rest safely and comfortably.


truck seating and accessories


  • Get an APU – Most trucking stops have rules against idling your truck for lengthy periods, so you’ll need an alternative power source for running heat in your vehicle. An Alternative Power Unit is a generator that can power the truck’s heating and cooling system or a space heater in the cab.
  • Invest in an electric heating blanket – An electric heating blanket uses only a small amount of electricity and can help keep truck drivers warm on cold nights. Be sure to get a recently manufactured one, and check out product reviews to ensure it is safe.
  • Buy quality bedding – Make sure you have comfortable sheets and thick blankets, as these will help keep you relaxed and warm on cold winter nights.
  • Consider a sleeping bag – Sleeping bags help you retain body heat on cold winter nights. Find a good quality sleeping bag intended for outdoor camping, and you’ll weather most cold nights fine in your cab.
  • Add window films – Low emissivity window films can help keep heat in your truck by preventing it from escaping through cold windows. Low emissivity window films are easy to buy and install and will help keep your truck warm in the cold months.
  • Don’t be afraid to check into a hotel – If it’s really cold and staying in the truck is greatly uncomfortable, just check into a hotel. The small fee it will cost is worth it when you consider the increased risk to safety that not getting a good night’s sleep will pose to you and other drivers.


truck accessories


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Six Things You Didn’t Know About Your Semi

The trucking industry has a proud tradition of keeping America’s economy rolling, providing jobs, and ensuring that goods and materials are reliably transported around the country. Even if you’ve sat in a truck seat for decades, there may be a few things about the industry you didn’t know. Take a look at these facts about the trucking industry:


trucking industry


  • Semi trucks are just 15 percent of the entire U.S. trucking fleet, but they account for 42 percent of all miles traveled by commercial trucks. Big trucks carry about 70 percent of all the goods hauled in the U.S. each year.
  • The fuel economy of semi trucks has made small gains in efficiency over the last few decades. In 1973, semis got just 5.6 miles per gallon. Today, semis on average get an average of about 6.5 mpg. New regulations are aimed at increasing average fuel economy to 7.2 mpg.
  • Semi trucks clock a lot of miles each year. Semis travel about 279 billion miles each year in the U.S. That’s an incredible number of miles.


learn-more about semi trucks and drivers


  • There will soon be a huge demand for new truck drivers in the U.S., as the current workforce is drawing close to retirement age. The average age of a commercial driver in the U.S. is 55, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. New driver training programs are launching at community colleges and trade schools throughout the U.S.
  • About a third of the more than 1.9 million semi trucks in operation in the U.S. are registered in three states—California, Texas, and Florida. Big populations and big business communities are why many truckers call these states home.
  • Mud flaps aren’t just for keeping mud off the vehicle; they also improve airflow, reduce water spray, and decrease drag, which helps with fuel economy and safety. It’s amazing how these inexpensive accessories can contribute so much to a truck’s operations.


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Six Can’t-Miss Holiday Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers

Have a professional truck driver in your life? Purchasing gifts that truckers will love is a big challenge because of their always-on-the-road lifestyle.


Big truck outdoors on parking lot


There are a lot of nifty gadgets and truck accessories that can make truck drivers’ lives easier. As you start browsing the web for gift ideas, consider these products truckers are sure to love:


  • Replacement truck seats – This is a big investment, but purchasing replacement truck seats for your trucker can be a great investment in his or her health. Worn out seats can cause truckers to have poor posture when they sit, which, over time, can contribute to low back pain. Replacing old seats with modern, ergonomically designed seats can make your trucker’s travels much more comfortable.
  • Truck mattresses – For semi drivers who have a sleeping area in their cab, a good truck mattress can be a godsend. After hours sitting behind the wheel, truck drivers need a firm, but gentle mattress to rest on for the night.
  • Bluetooth headset – A Bluetooth headset allows truck drivers to safely talk on the phone while on the road. With these headsets, truckers can enjoy hands-free communication without having to rely on the speakerphone function of their mobile phones.
  • Vehicle safe – A vehicle safe will allow drivers who must collect cash or checks in the course of their work to securely store these items. The safe also works well for storing truckers’ personal items.
  • Subscription to Sirius XM – Satellite radio provides its users with a more customized radio listening experience that they can enjoy anywhere their travels take them. Purchase your trucker a subscription, and they’ll be sure to thank you.
  • Atlas – Modern GPS and navigation systems are nice, but there are times when you just need an old-fashioned map. A quality atlas can be very helpful to truckers when their navigation system just doesn’t have the answer they’re looking for.


Holiday Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers


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