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Four Tips for Restoring Semi Truck Interiors

Semi truck drivers spend a lot of time in their vehicles. Not only is it their workplace on the road, it’s also their home and office. Maintaining an attractive and comfortable interior will help truckers get the most of their investment in their vehicle and help them better cope with the stresses of a life on the road.


Semi truck drivers


Restoring the interior of your truck, or just giving it a few upgrades, can also help boost the resale value of your truck. Most semi truck owners have more than $150,000 invested in their vehicles. Maintaining the value of their truck will help them better enjoy the fruits of their investment when it’s time to pass the truck on to another driver.


For truck drivers considering restoring or remodeling their trucks, here are a few tips:


  • Start with the seats. Your truck seat is where you’ll spend the most time in your vehicle. Make sure your seat is comfortable and provides enough lumbar support. Consider adding convenient features like ventilation or moisture resistance to further enhance their value.
  • Consider the cabin. Are the cup holders large and close by enough to be convenient? Do you have enough storage bins and drawers? Are all the air conditioner vents in good working order? If your cabin isn’t to your liking, you have many options to change it. Aftermarket products can add storage space, cup holders, and a variety of other truck interior accessories to make the cabin more functional and comfortable.
  • Check out the carpet. If the carpet in your truck is old and worn or irretrievably dirty, it can make your truck a lot less pleasant place to spend many hours every week. Replacing the carpet can make your truck more inviting, increase your pride in your vehicle, and boost its resale value.
  • If your truck has a small sleeping or living area, consider the furniture in the area. Is the bed comfortable or does it keep you up nights? Are the storage spaces secure or are drawers constantly flying open when you’re on the road? Installing new bedding and storage is one way to make your truck more livable.


Restoring Semi Truck Interiors


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Four Signs Your Transit Bus Seats Are Worn Out

Hundreds of thousands of city buses and private transit buses hit the road each morning to take people to work and tourists to their destinations. Keeping bus seats in good shape helps municipalities and other bus owners maximize their investment in their buses and ensure passenger health and safety.


Transit Bus Seats

Transit buses aren’t cheap, and many municipalities face huge budgetary challenges, as tax revenue is still a struggle for many communities. As a result, many cities and governmental organizations are doing their best to make buses last as long as possible. The average municipal transit bus has been on the road for eight years or more.


Tourists and commuters can be tough on equipment, and bus seats are no exception. Along with regular wear and temperature-related damage, bus seats are often intentionally damaged by unruly children.


Worn-out seats can be uncomfortable for students and others, making them more likely to act out on the bus. They can also pose risks to their health and safety, as worn out seats increase the risk of injury or do not provide adequate protection in the event of a crash.


Here are a few signs you may need to replace your bus seats:


  • Vinyl is torn and cloth underneath is exposed – Some bus owners may think that having the cloth underneath the vinyl exposed isn’t a big deal, but it is. The vinyl is often the flame retardant part of the bus seat. The cloth underneath may not be. If the cloth underneath is exposed, it can ignite in the event of a fire. The flame retardant vinyl would be slower to burn, giving people more time to flee the bus.
  • Bus seats are loose – A loose bus seat may cause an injury if it detaches from the floor and causes a passenger to fall or strike another surface on the bus. Bus seats should be connected securely to the floor of the bus.
  • Cushioning is worn out – Worn out seat cushions aren’t going to be comfortable and can contribute to injury if they’ve deteriorated to the point where bracing underneath the seat can be felt through it.
  • Seat backs are worn out – Seat backs need to be well-padded, as it is likely that passengers will strike them if there’s an accident and the occupants of the bus are flung around.

Suburban Seating & Safety


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Five Ways to Protect Your Investment in Your Tractor-Trailer

Trucking companies and independent owners have sizable investments in their semi-trucks. Expensive repairs can be avoided and the longevity of these capital assets can be extended with preventative tractor-trailer maintenance.


Tractor trailer maintenance


The average tractor-trailer costs between $140,000 and $175,000. For independent drivers, that cost represents their dreams of owning their own business and being their own boss. For companies, it’s also a very important investment critical to their profitability.


Preventive tractor-trailer maintenance can stop small problems from becoming big, expensive ones. Here are a few maintenance tips all tractor-trailer owners should follow:


  • Check the oil – Before every long haul, be sure to check your oil. Also, check it at regular intervals. Inadequate supply of oil or dirty oil can cause damage to your engine. Lack of sufficient oil to cool the engine is a particularly dangerous risk. Taking the time to check and change oil can stave off a lot of problems. Also, if oil appears to be burning off too quickly, it may indicate a problem you need to fix right away.
  • Park correctly on inclines – If your truck has dual fuel tanks, it will act as if it’s out of fuel if you park on an incline in a manner where one side of the vehicle is higher than the other. If you have to park on a hill or other incline, park so the slope runs from the front of the vehicle to its rear, instead of side to side.
  • Frequently inspect your tires and brakes – Because big trucks have so much momentum behind them, stopping them is a big job. Make sure your truck stays safe by regularly checking the brakes and tires to ensure they’re working properly.
  • Don’t forget the trailer – While a lot of your maintenance efforts will go into your truck, neglecting the trailer can also land you in hot water. Take the time to properly maintain your trailer tires and ensure they have adequate air. Inspect your suspension to ensure it is functioning properly. Also, check the brakes and the lighting.


Check the oil


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