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Five Tips for New Truck Drivers

Adapting to a life on the road can be exciting and, at the same time, have its own set of new challenges. When you are first starting out, it is best to take the time to become familiar with your rig, its features, and how it operates before pulling out of the truck yard. If you are unfamiliar with the controls in the truck, as they might be different from the truck you drove during training, review the owner’s manual and ask questions.


Tips for New Truck Drivers


Once you are out on the road, keep in mind your objective should be to drive safely and arrive on time at your destinations by following these five tips:


  1. Drive at a comfortable speed. It is acceptable to drive five or ten miles per hour slower than the posted speed limit and remain in the right-hand lane if you are not entirely used to driving at the posted limit.
  2. Try to avoid heavy traffic. It is best to schedule your driving time so you do not have to drive through major cities during rush hour periods.
  3. Stop early to get the best parking. Finding truck parking later in the evening can be frustrating and involve wasting time you could be resting, while you go from truck stop to truck stop and get on and off exit after exit.
  4. Try to arrive early to deliver/pickup loads. Sometimes it is possible to get unloaded or loaded earlier than scheduled, giving you the opportunity to take on another load sooner, or potentially arrive sooner at the next delivery. This can translate to more money and better runs.
  5. It does not hurt to get to know other truck drivers. Veteran drivers are full of useful tips and suggestions to make life on the road easier.


Replacement Truck Seats


If your carrier allows you to customize your rig, remember to check out the wide selections of replacement truck seats, accessories, and other products from Suburban Seating & Safety to make life on the road more comfortable. Contact us at (844) SAS.SEAT (844-727-7328) for assistance in selecting the right products for your truck.


Roadside Sleeping Safety Tips: Rest Areas and Other Options

When driving your truck from one destination to the next, you will no doubt need to stop and catch a few “zzz’s” to ensure you are well-rested and refreshed. Truck drivers have many different options of places where they can stop and take a nap or sleep. To help ensure you get a decent night’s rest, remember to check out the truck interior accessories, cushions, and other items available from us, here at Suburban Seating & Safety.


  1. Rest Areas

Rest areas are great places to stop when you need a break from driving. Some rest stops even have restaurants and fuel, allowing you to take care of all of your needs in one stop. If you plan on sleeping in rest areas, keep in mind that not all rest areas allow for overnight parking. However, sleeping during the day is commonly permitted.


Custom Truck Seats


  1. Truck Stops

Many truck stops have parking spaces where you can stop for the day. One benefit of truck stops is having access to food, fuel, showers, and other such amenities. The only drawback is that truck stops tend to fill up early, so, the later you arrive, the harder it is to find overnight parking.


  1. Hotels/Motels

Some truckers will book a hotel or motel room overnight to enjoy sleeping in a regular bed. There are various chains which have ample room to park your truck if you choose this option.


  1. Campgrounds

Some RV campsites can also accommodate overnight truck parking for truckers. Just make sure to call ahead to find out if parking is available at the campground.


safety tips


Safety Tips


  • Park in well-lit areas.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Lock your doors when sleeping or away from your truck.
  • Stop driving immediately if you find yourself nodding off.
  • Never stop overnight on highway shoulders.


After picking up your load, take the time to map out your route and figure out where you will be stopping so you can research what sleeping and parking options are available. For more information about our replacement seats, bedding, and other items, call Suburban Seating & Safety at (844) SAS.SEAT (844-727-7328) today!


Truck Safety: Things to Watch Out For on the Road

Truck drivers can only do so much to ensure the safety of themselves and other people on the road. On-the-road safety also requires better educating others as to the potential risks and dangers of sharing the road with semi-trucks.


Truck Seats


  • Signals – Truck drivers need to make sure to always use signals to let others know their intentions. Other motorists need to watch for these and make sure they get out of a truck’s way, especially if they are riding in a blind spot where the truck cannot see them.
  • Blind Spots – Trucks have numerous blind spots all around the entire rig, including the front, rear, and both sides, with the right side being the biggest one. A good driving rule to follow is if you cannot see the truck driver in the side mirrors, the driver cannot see you.
  • Passing – Never pass a truck on the right-hand side, as it is dangerous due to the large blind spot. Make sure the truck has sufficient space on the road, as some areas of the road could be narrower, and the truck could overlap into the other lane. After passing the truck, do not cut into the lane directly in front of the truck. Before returning to the right-hand lane, make sure there is at least one full semi-truck of space in between you and the truck.
  • Stopping Distances – Trucks require up to a full football field of distance to come to a safe stop in optimal driving conditions. This is why you should not cut off a truck—ever.
  • Tailgating – First, this is a blind spot, and truck drivers cannot see the vehicle. Next, debris from the road could be kicked up from the truck and projected directly at the vehicle, including blown truck tires.


semi truck seats


All truck drivers can do is drive defensively when they get behind the wheel and make sure their truck seats and mirrors are set correctly to provide the best views. Others also need to drive defensively to keep the roads safe for everyone.


For replacement seats, cushions, covers, parts, and accessories for your truck, contact Suburban Seating & Safety at (844) SAS.SEAT (844-727-7328) today.


Truckers & Relationships: Maintaining a Relationship While Traveling

In a previous blog segment we discussed career options and communication tips for truckers in committed relationships. In this blog segment we will look at other things you and your partner and family can do to ensure you have a strong relationship even while you are away from home.


Maintaining a Relationship While Traveling


  1. Schedule activities you can both do while away from home. Finding similar interests is essential to a strong relationship. Pick a book, TV series, or other activities you can both do while you are away to help stimulate conversation and give each of you something to talk about that is not related to bills or household chores.
  2. Learn to recognize each other’s strengths. You may be the primary income earner, but your at-home partner might feel jealous because you are getting to see the country, while they are stuck at home. Remind them of their ability to maintain the home and their own strengths, and how the strength of each of you complements your relationship.
  3. Develop a “homecoming” schedule. Work with your partner to create a ritual to get reacquainted, like sitting down to a home-cooked family meal, or taking your spouse out for a romantic date night.
  4. Communicate frequently with each other, and pay attention when you talk. Some people find having a set time to call or Skype with each other is beneficial. During this time, eliminate all distractions and focus entirely on the other person. Distractions can make you or your partner feel left out and, in some cases, like you do not care and are just going through the motions.
  5. Express your love in fun and creative ways. Sending a postcard, trinket, or other mementos from your travels lets your loved ones know you care. You could also hide little notes around the house before you leave, or arrange for flowers to be delivered.
  6. Schedule family game nights. If you have children, make a point to schedule a family game night where you can play board games with them over Skype.

Traveling for work does not mean your relationships have to suffer if you remember these tips and suggestions. For all of your truck interior accessories, seat cushions, seat covers, and replacement seats, please call Suburban Seating & Safety at (844) SAS.SEAT (844-727-7328).


Truckers & Relationships