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What to Consider When Purchasing On-Highway Seats

For truck drivers who spend countless hours sitting, the most important feature is how well their truck seat performs. Eventually the seat will start to wear out, and not provide the same level of support and comfort. When it comes time to get a new truck seat, there is a wide selection of replacement truck seats to choose from, each with their own features.


It is important to take the time to determine what functions you desire in your seat, including:

  • Does your back get sore or stiff easily? If so, look at on-highway seats which have increased lumbar support to help provide added padding and proper spine alignment.
  • Do you tend to feel cold or dislike waking up to a cold seat? There are heated truck seats available that you can purchase to help with both of these issues.
  • Buy a seat that fits your body. Purchasing a seat to fit your height and bodily dimensions is important, as it allows you to fully optimize all of the features in the new truck seat.
  • Vinyl, leather, or cloth? Look at the pros and cons of each type of material, such as cloth seats could stain from accidental spills, or vinyl and leather might not be comfortable in hot weather if you do not have air conditioning.
  • How much can you afford? If possible, it is often better to invest more money in a higher quality seat made from the best materials with the features and options you desire. Otherwise, if you buy less expensive, lower quality seats, you will find you are replacing them more often and spending more money in the long run.

For assistance in finding the most appropriate new truck seat for your truck, contact the truck seat experts at Suburban Seating & Safety now by calling 1-844-SAS-SEAT.


Four Time Management Tips for Truckers

There’s a lot more to successfully managing a trucker’s time than just picking the right route. Truckers have many balls to juggle to ensure they maximize their productivity, including managing their down time and finding the most efficient ways to handle the non-driving portion of their work.


New and veteran truckers alike can benefit from putting these best practices into use in their routine:


    • Technology is your friend – GPS isn’t the only tool you’ll need. There are many great apps available now that can help you boost efficiency. With the right software, you can schedule to avoid rush hour traffic and find available parking ahead of your stop. There’s a small learning curve involved, but after a few uses you’ll find how easy this technology is to use.


Truck accessory


    • Communicate – Provide your route planner and your management with as much information as possible. They’re there to help you maximize your efficiency. By providing them with a clear and complete picture of your route and experiences, they can use their expertise to help you increase your efficiency.


Truck seat


  • Know your limits – An exhausted driver is an inefficient and unsafe driver. Investing in a few hours’ rest can save you a lot of time in productivity and safe operation that may be lost if you don’t get enough sleep.
  • Optimize your time at home – Managing your time at home will help you get the most rest and quality time with your family, allowing you to come back to work refreshed and ready to roll. Plan your time at home – schedule time for chores and tasks, family time, personal business, and rest. If you can afford it, hire help for some of the more time-consuming tasks at home, like repairs and maintenance, so you can spend your time resting and doing what you enjoy.

Suburban Seating & Safety is a family-owned aftermarket truck seat and truck accessory company. In business since 1947, Suburban Seating & Safety has built a reputation for offering a wide selection of accessories from top manufacturers and ensuring clients’ specific needs are met. To learn more, call 1-844-SAS-SEAT.



America’s Most Scenic Roads

If you are looking for a fun and adventurous family summer vacation that is different, or perhaps you just have some extra time to take the scenic route between hauling assignments, why not consider hitting some of America’s most scenic roadsides on your way to your destination? Each of these drives offers stunning scenery you would otherwise miss if you stuck to driving only on the interstate highway system.


Conversion Van Seats


  • A1A/US 10 in Florida – These two roads intertwine and traverse along the Atlantic coast of Florida all the way to Miami. From Miami, you can take US 10 to Key Largo and the Florida Keys to experience the 113 miles of overseas highway.
  • Ithaca/Finger Lakes, New York – Located in Central New York, you can drive a circular route of approximately 175 miles around the Finger Lakes and experience quaint towns, wineries, natural gorges, lakefront homes, and waterfalls.
  • Highway 1/Pacific Coast Highway – This expansive road allows you to enjoy the beauty and charm of the California Pacific Coast. The entire trip takes about five hours to drive from one end to the other, but most people will want to stop in Big Sur, Monterey Bay, and other places along the way to take in the stunning views.
  • Road to Hana, Maui, Hawaii – This 50 mile stretch of road features switchback curves and single lane bridges with scenic outlooks of the coastline and mountainside. There are several waterfalls, volcano tubes, parks, caves, and remote beaches, like the black sand beach, to explore along this road. It is recommended to make the trip during the day, spend the night in Hana, with a return trip the following day.


To make these roadway adventures truly enjoyable, make sure you and your family ride in comfort with brand-new replacement car seats for your truck, van, SUV, RV, or other vehicle. Remember to also pack plenty of sunscreen, swimsuits, and comfortable hiking boots/shoes.




Plus, you will want to download the latest camera app for your smartphone, as well as bring along a higher quality camera for those breathtaking background scenes. To find the right aftermarket car and truck seats for your vehicle, contact the seat replacement professionals at Suburban Seating & Safety by phoning 1-844-SAS-SEAT today.