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Trucking Industry Jobs Await Returning Veterans

It’s no secret that veterans are an underemployed workforce. Many employers only seem to see what the veterans were focused on when they served in the military, regardless of all of the other skills they have. Thankfully, the trucking industry offers what may be the perfect fit for those who just want to come home and get back to a normal way of life. Not only do these positions fit returning vets perfectly, but many companies are going out of their way to let servicemen and women know just how valuable their skills are.




Dedicated Employees


The military puts a lot of focus on things like honor, loyalty, dedication, and self-discipline. Those who have served know that it takes a can-do attitude to make it in this world, and many trucking companies know it. That’s because employers know every employee is a representative of the company, and they know that those who have served are able to act like professionals and do the jobs they are hired to do.


Veteran Programs


In many cases, things like GI Bills don’t get used, because employers don’t know how to help employees put them to use. Some companies today now have departments that are specifically created for vets so that they can get the most use of their benefits and also develop a solid career path.




Military personnel have skills that are difficult to develop if you haven’t served in the armed forces. These individuals often know how to operate heavy equipment, but they also know how to make important decisions on the go. Some of those decisions can have a significant impact on the lives of the people around them. When you only have a few seconds to make a choice like that, experience is the best educator.


For veterans who are looking for jobs, and who may not want to be put in a setting where they are surrounded by endless chit-chat and gossip, trucking may be the best choice. This field allows veterans to put their skills to use, but also gives them time to reflect away from the constant buzz that they might find in another work setting.


Suspension seats

The Benefits of LED Lighting for Truckers

Over the years, the transportation industry has gone through some significant changes. Between updating equipment, changing DOT laws, and regulations regarding rest periods, upgrades like headlights and custom truck seats can seem insignificant. On the contrary, it’s important for truckers to keep up with these upgrades not just to make the situation more pleasant, but also to enhance the abilities of the driver. Such is the case when it comes to LED lighting for truckers.


Custom truck seats


Clear Detail


The trucking industry has gone through several different types of lights, from incandescent seated-beams to halogens and LED. Halogens did shed more light on objects, but only LED lighting provides the level of detail necessary to travel at high speeds for long hours. Tired eyes are bound to miss something if the lighting isn’t adequate. LED lights have developed a reputation for a more natural type of lighting. This allows drivers to see things in clearer detail, even when it’s foggy out. In fact, some drivers don’t even bother with high beams, because the low beams give them enough light on their own.


Cost-Effective Lighting


When it comes to vehicles that never seem to stop moving, there is a drive to try to cut costs when it comes to maintenance. With permits, licenses, and insurance rates running so high, the devil is in the details. LED lights save drivers money, even though they are more expensive than halogen. That’s because they last much longer, so the extra expense is well worth it. Also, if better lighting can cut down on the number of accidents truckers are involved in, money isn’t the only cost that’s saved.


Whether you are thinking of seats for trucks or LED lighting, consider all of the angles. Just like high quality custom truck seats can save you pain and money associated with back issues, LED lighting can save money, eye strain, and reduce the number of accidents truckers are involved in. Customizing a semi isn’t just about personalizing the way the truck looks so that the driver feels more comfortable. It’s about creating a safer atmosphere, while saving money at the same time.


Truck seats

Finding the Right Seat for Better Back Support

When you spend your days driving long hours, one thing you might notice is your back starts to feel sore and ache. The pain can extend from the lower back all the way up to the neck and shoulders. You could also notice a general tightness in the shoulders and upper back that is not comfortable. However, you should not have to experience discomfort from driving long hours. There are replacement truck seats on the market which incorporate a wide array of features to help provide better back support, and reduce related pain and discomfort.


Custom Truck Seats


Finding the right seat for your truck should start with considering the features and options you desire. An ideal car seat design should include as many of the following features and options for optimal support and comfort:


  • Adjustable Height
  • Adjustable Seat Back
  • Adjustable Head Rest
  • Adjustable Seat Bottom Depth
  • Adjustable Seat Bottom Incline
  • Adjustable Linear Track to Move Seat Backwards and Forwards
  • Firm Seat Bottom Cushion
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support in Seat Back
  • Adjustable Arm Rests
  • Seat Shock Absorbers to Dampen Vibrations
  • Pulsating Lumber Support
  • Reinforced Seat Back to Reduce Rebound during Rear End Accidents


Truck Seats for Sale


Granted, finding all of these features in a truck seat can be difficult. Some seats might feature some, while others will have many more of the above features. The best thing to do is consider your needs and comfort level when choosing a new seat. The most important features you will want to have are the adjustable features and lumbar support.


If the seat you select does not have every feature and option you want, there are truck seat cushions you can put over the seat to add more options, like heated seats and pulsating lumbar support. For assistance in finding the best truck seat with optimal back support and related seat cushions, covers, accessories, and parts, feel free to contact Suburban Seats today by calling 844 SAS SEAT (844-727-7328).

Safety First: 3 Safety Features You Need in Your Truck Right Now

While most accidents are caused by regular passenger vehicles, the size and weight of big rig trucks makes it so that when they are involved in an accident, it’s likely to be a big one. No driver wants to get injured on the road, or to have to live with a serious accident that hurt someone else on their conscience. To keep yourself and others safe on the road, you should consider using the following safety equipment on your truck as soon as possible.


Trucking safety


Collision Avoidance Systems


While the ultimate responsibility for avoiding accidents rests with the driver, safety features can help make that easier to do. One of the most important of these features is that of collision avoidance systems, which automatically help slow and control trucks when potentially dangerous situations are ahead. While not as advanced as the safety and auto-driving features on passenger cars, these kind of systems are becoming available for big rigs, and use a front-mounted radar system to detect obstacles and immediately throttle the brake if one is detected ahead. If you can get your hands on one, it’s highly recommended you take advantage of it.


Front and Rear Cameras


One of the most difficult things about managing a truck is the reduced visibility. The bigger the vehicle, the harder it is to see what’s in front of, around, and (especially) behind you. So it’s a good thing that truck companies are now making vehicles with front and rear cameras, which display obstacles that the driver might not be able to see on monitors in the cab.


Trucking safety features


Electronic Stability Controls


When a truck is going too fast for the load it’s carrying, it’s a lot more likely that it will get out of the driver’s control, presenting a danger to the driver, the vehicle, and other people on the road. Electronic stability controls help truckers maintain a safe speed by monitoring a vehicle’s velocity, tilt, and direction of travel, to measure the safest speed it can go, and then apply the brakes if the truck exceeds it.


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